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The last game in the American Basketball Association was played in the spring of nineteen Seventy-six, the merged with the NBA later that year the brought a flare to basketball with a red white and blue ball. It also added the three pointer Commissioner George, Mike and explains why the league did. That we wanted a home run in basketball baseball. It's been very successful. So successful the NBA added the three pointer a few years later, four ABA teams New York, which is now Brooklyn Denver San Antonio. And Indiana became part of the NBA hall of Famer Rick Perry says ABA players showed they were just as good if not better than NBA players that was probably the most rewarding aspect of it that they were able to prove their validity four teams wind up joining the league have shown that they are certainly deserving. Having been a part of the great NBA heritage. That's June moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer. And you're listening to Rivi. Radio. I'm typically wirehouse Democrats step up their efforts to pass bills aimed at election security, if he's checking has more with President Trump suggesting he'd accept opposition research from foreign entities. And the Muller reports spelling out Russian interference in two thousand sixteen house speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's up to congress to act. There was an assault on at country. She says the GOP led Senate has yet to vote on a package of bills and there's no support from President Trump has to hoax. Hoke the president United States should be the one taking the lead to look into what happened there in a steady saying they could do it again. Senate leaders rejected some election proposals earlier this year saying they didn't want to interfere with state run elections. Jackie Quinn, Washington Britain agrees saying Iran, that attack oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The British Foreign office says it is almost certain that a branch of the Iranian military was involved in an interview with FOX and friends, President Trump referred to video from US central command of the crew of an Iranian gunboat, reportedly removing an unexploded mind from the side of one of those vessels. Ron didn't do it. And you know they did it because you saw the boat. I guess one of the mines didn't explode, and it's probably got essentially Iran written all over it. Democratic National Committee has a lineup for a pair of presidential debates. The six female contenders are evenly divided and the two African American candidates, senators Cory Booker in common. Ella. Harris will also be on separate nights to favorites of the party's liberal wing senators. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren won't be going head to head either. Democratic Party officials had promised to ensure that top tier and lagging candidates are spread roughly evenly over the two nights..

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