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Engagement, coordinators and more social workers also more school resource officers the cops in schools, and the assistant state attorney general Kelly was there she was on the work group, and she laid out four ideas put forth by her boss, including that limit on high capacity magazines. But the Everett herald reports when other members pressed her with questions, she didn't have clear answers, and none of those recommendations ended up being included. Ferguson not pleased at all his dissent is included in the final report. Carleen johnson. Komo news. Two men were shot to death in Tacoma. Komo's Patrick Quinn. Says it happened at the corner of east thirty fifth street in east end street just before five o'clock Tacoma police got the call a neighbor saw a dead body outside his window when police arrived they found not one but two men dead from gunfire. Loretta cool with Tacoma police told me detectives don't have a lot to go on and not a lot of information on on shots being fired or sounds. Nobody heard any argument or anything. Nobody saw any cars driving away the gravel road where the men were found sits behind a residential neighborhood in southeast coma. Neighbors told me it borders a homeless encampment. Komo news time now six oh. Eight a twenty nine year old Colorado mother named Kelsey Berith was last seen in her hometown on thanksgiving. But her cell phone pinged, not long afterward in Idaho. ABC's? Lana Zak reports that the woman has ties to the state of Washington as well say her car along with her makeup suitcases remain untouched at her home her family in disbelief hope she will be reunited with them soon at some points. We're gonna have answers, and we pray that Kelsey will come home safely. Kelsey is brother says he's certain she did not pack to go anywhere. And as far as the family knows. She has no ties to Idaho, where her cell phone last, ping. You'll see bear does have family in the Tri cities. The city of seatac is mourning the loss of one of its newest council members Amina Ahmed died in a head on. Car crashed Saturday and happened on south one hundred eighty eight street in seatac the fifty two year old was an immigration and refugee rights community leader. And newly appointed to the seatac city council in October her friends, tell us they'll work hard to continue the work. She started the mayor of seatac called her. A welcome addition to the council and a fresh voice with a unique perspective firefighters had an extra challenge while they were battling a.

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