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And heil hitler status and less you disagree uh then then you're on the right side of everything can there it can an individual exist out there who is opposed to the taking down of like that memorial in durham which is a nonspecific memorial right simply recognising people who yes fought for the confederate army because that's the that's where north carolina was and if we if we wanna get into some some historical context here because everyone keeps saying well that's would you does really needed as context here it's really just a decision i guess whether we do it in a dark and room where nobody sees anything your where everything is right now with the with the way things are status quo um in other words ally there is a lot of people in north carolina hence the time it took them to get in here the didn't want any part of any of this okay fortunately though here the belly of a year the dividing line so you you're going to have people coming in and out and and and really the the history of north carolina's participation within the confederacy did the way in which they arrived at that decision but also when when you look at it at large the amount the amount of people that good necessarily want to fight but the kind of had it'd be they had groups that would go around and the dna in round up by eligible people to a two join the fight now if if somebody under duress is his brought into the military albeit the confederate army r r people who are their relatives can can they exist as somebody who because they fielded a memorial that they've identified with that individual does that make them a nazi because they because they think that needs to stay there so that that's question over one here's question number two and and this goes to the other side of it because believe it or not that is something we do attempt to do on the show and that question is for those of for those of you who say that of all of the all of the different memorials.

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