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Late let's just say let's say you decide to for a minute hack on your and a hack on like the republicans another another you you know you don't do a republican bid logistic you're to hack i republicans from it and you get like a certain segment of your crowd colleague their love an below here in this shit but then you're gonna turn around and like very quickly flip something in attack the exact opposite down and i feel like i've seen you a couple of times where i feel like he almost thorough out like a false bait um when he used to have used to have a the heathrow to falls beta gives like some guys and the crowd ready to go like they're like i can't wait for coming next he's going to attack the thing that is most annoying to me in life but then is like pounds in go the other direction and just annihilated the idea the you're hol they're hoping you're gonna hear pursue do keep in mind the balance so yeah you have to like doggone guys are argonne annhilated ladies yo you gotta go for his voice because i'm a guy and because of the type of guy that i am i have to go hard on guys first leg over the top whether it can then no doubt at all that i've just callers you low via every fucked up thing about being a man has to be just beaten down exposed even exaggerated and then you can move on to the late in now lead.

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