President Trump, Tina Powell, Syria discussed on BBC Newshour


Democrats can get behind nothing trump was very affected emotionally by these constant school shootings and massacres on the fact that when he gathered together relatives of people who'd being killed in these shootings he had some pretty blunt words in the white house you know if your president and you had to face an hour with victims and also family members in that really changes your perspective whereby it makes it much more real that kind of reminds me of when tina powell his former national security top advisor andy vodka trump his daughter showed images of kids who had been killed in syria by chemical weapons but in by assad and then trump was able to latch onto that emotionally and you saw those airstrikes so last year which makes as he say this speech to cpap quite interesting i was at last year that it was his van right hand man steve bannon speaking and you know things have changed over the year donald trump has no always been a a friend shall we say of the conservative wing of the republican party what do you think his pitch is going to be in this midterm election year so i think he's trying to say that conservatives in republicans face an uphill battle to keep control of the house and senate and unique conservatives out in full force to actually turned the tide in the midterm election i think a lot of americans are expecting democrats will take over and he's going to say that he has been a good president fourconcert of ironic that he is addressing pack in the first place remember you know he was a democrat before he was a republican and changed party is strategically because he knew he would never win a democratic nomination i need us was the guy that even invited hillary clinton to his wedding in palm beach to milania bots at this point so many republicans of backed him in congress seven cpap presumably will give him a pretty will welcome in or it's kind of the woodstock for conservatives and so we can expect a very friendly audience and he is going to remind people you know that he faces a lot of internal enemies he might rail against the muller probe and he will say that the democrats don't have other countries interested harden i think about he has to remember that the.

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