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Had you asian youth development and abstinence education the suit says since the programme starred in 2010 through 2016 the teen birth rate in the united states has dropped by forty one percent a spokesman for the department says the agency cannot comment on pending litigation eric heintz komo news a and it's time to get to the komo sports desk with tom hutyler mel david colette scored sixty was 22 points after the break attallah ross it added fifteen utah overcame a sluggish first half to rally for a seventy two 58 whenever the huskies last night in a packed 12 match up on motleq three straight losses for the dogs you need to come together says coach mike hopkins washington hoping for an empty doubleday tournament berth but admit just you've got to trust each other's but it's not it's it's like if you're if you're a lone wolf it's a moment life you know you're trying to play for something bigger than yourself and that's what we're trying to instil sometimes when you have success it's harder to handle successes name of failure and you get to a situation where we've had two big pretty big leads oregon state we schurbon up ten of it ended up being six because a couple turnovers and this game it just i think we had 9 turnovers in the second half systematic subtitles pat she gets a team that doesn't of you know they don't pressure huskies back at add addict tomorrow hosting colorado the buffalos losing to to cougars last night who snapped a sevengame losing streak behind malachi plans a career high thirty points buffaloes come in for a father clock tip 430 pregame here tomorrow isaiah thomas have his jersey number retired at that contest loyal of marabout were shorthanded and they came out on the short into the stick to after this eggs ruled out of first 17 points of the game and roll do a seventy six fortysix win over elham you in the west coast conference morgan means at nineteen point seattle ub utah are university of texas rio grande valley mary's back at it today with their second day of pictures a catchers workouts in peoria sports at 10 and 40 past the hour tom are the hall of the huskies komo news komo news time eight twelve south traffic and weather coming up in.

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