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Learn more discover dot com slash credit score card limitations apply I'm Joe Morrissey on KOAA news radio live everywhere on the I heard radio app I give it a Polish updated us on how safer at home should go if you had plans to go to any Disney parks well you might want to make other plans it appears they're going to be closed for a lot longer those headlines and more coming up at five o'clock with Kathy Walker on KOAA news radio all that separates the sea separation open the files out of the open casting from from GOP krill file our separation the cats suffered a solution good yeah top right well this this is big Joe Joe the Broncos first Judy there after he was drafted by the Denver Broncos at number fifteen I did I did find it comical that when he was asked what number he I thought that he would like to wear one receipts are about there was the same number Courtland Sutton swearing you should probably know that before you go throwing numbers around just throw the apple it's all right.

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