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Now. If you listen to our last episode you would understand that referee. Gabriel already brought it up. So i am at beady. Corporal and van be is at ms van be at m. s. v. a. n. b. e. And that's where you can reach us on twitter and we do have an account Our podcast it's at campus podcast on twitter. We do. We have a whole twenty nine dollars. I forgot we had a twitter account. Did lick there's a reason and we have it and we may continue to use it. But like we said i it exists will probably use it sparingly. But it's hard enough to keep track of your own. Social media accounts that trying to a third one seemed a little bit ridiculous. So what we've decided is we'd really like to operate under ourselves as it relates to the show But you could at any of those right at cordial or at ms van. Be or at campus podcasts. And if you can read mine and tell her what She's thinking of what do tell me can i. Maybe wouldn't she still drawn a blank. You should see her off in the space. That's all she's been doing for the past. We also have an instagram account. Where you're gonna mention that. I'm gonna leave that up to you because because we have a new follower. Oh nice yeah. We have an instagram account. And i am ceremoniously trying to figure out what our handle is a lot easier if you just look up. Open campus podcast. You'll find us. That's us and that's about the extent of the i can new instagram multiple instagram accounts ready. Okay not great by my own is lacking attention but whatever have much going. No i got your sorry. Yeah no so. Follow us on social media and keep up. Yeah we'll continue to try to push them things out and promote ourselves and to that end i'm going to put this out there again of andy's been working on a little sticker action for your water bottle for your computer for year. Ukulele for your whatever your your that It's coming along quite nicely and we're going to have that and i think we're going to do some things where you know. Give us a shout out. Direct message us To any of those social media accounts your address and we have bought a couple of books stamps. Or at least i have. I've got a role of and you know bambi. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go ahead and her up with the van mo- charge her role. Yeah send it on that request and then we'll go ahead and male yata sticker when they come out..

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