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Nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. KCBS how a ruling against the Affordable Care Act led to an extra week to sign up with covered, California. KCBS news time seven fifteen. Let's get a look at sports news. Here's Steve vicar, surprisingly low scoring game in Charlotte North Carolina last night. The saints beat the Panthers twelve to nine the saints now lead the NFC by one game over the Rams who have dropped two in a row. New Orleans is twelve and to the Panthers six and eight six straight losses eliminated from playoff contention, Christian McCaffrey and defeat. Fifteen carries for fifty three yards eight receptions for sixty seven and a fifty yard touchdown pass on fourth and two in the first four minutes of the game. You include his time with Stanford McCaffrey is three for four the passing department with three touchdowns the saints hosting Pittsburgh on Sunday. The bears are three and a half point favorites to beat the Niners here Sunday in the Broncos two and a half of the raiders here on Monday night that could be the raiders last ever game at the Coliseum. Something that had Jon Gruden waxing rather nostalgically it is presser. Yes. Today afternoon in Alameda. There's going to be a great atmosphere. Monday night, Christmas Eve, Denver Broncos coming to town. I get excited thinking about it. Just raging in a black hole rocket enraging down there after the Steeler game. After a lot of wins over the years. You know, seeing a lot of the old highlights of the great raider teams get excited. I get emotional about it. And hopefully, we get it all resolved where we can continue to play here. Jon Gruden just getting started. This a real football stadium is dirt grass, Scott tradition. Where some of the best games in history of football have been played were some of the best players in the history of the world played football games at you know, you walking around the for the Steeler game. You see Franko Harrison Lester Hayes, and you think about some of the battles ahead of that place. Reggie Jackson lighting the torch. I mean, there's a lot of things have happened in that stadium. It's a real stadium. It Scott dirt. Gruden's raiders are moving to Vegas. It's gonna be a dome stadium. I don't think he likes it that much. I like the old stadiums. I like to traditional joints, be honest with you. I'd love his honesty. I love his honesty. Warriors beat Memphis last night. One ten ninety three lead nearly from start to finish by double digits. The entire second-half Durant Twenty-three and curry twenty more on the dubs coming up at seven forty five. Sports at fifteen to forty five and all news one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS..

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