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Or Twitter said at Mitch Albom show. Now, here's Mitch. There. I'm still trying to get over that egg. Just thrown me, the AIG is going. Yeah. The well just because that that many people would just go on and look at an egg. By the way. Did you see that the adult airlines passenger got a gun through security and onto a plane in Atlanta? And I'm sure that the TSA which is down to. More skeleton like crews and people not getting paid. And this isn't going to be the the last of this. Right. Well, and they were claiming in that story. I saw that to staffing was not an issue. So you're right when the staffing becomes an issue. It seems like this is going to be more and more of kind of. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, somebody managed to get on. How do you get a gun through anyone who has anyone who has been pulled aside? I pulled aside because you know, that feeling everybody knows this feeling it's crowded you put your bags on. You finally get in line you go through the metal detector, you come out your bags have not come out yet. You start to get that sinking feeling. Oh, please come through. Please be the next one that comes through the thing. Please be the next one that comes through but outcomes a pocketbook outcomes a pair of high heeled shoes outcome someone else's stuffed backpack and not your thing. And then you make that dreaded lean in and you see that they have pulled your bag. Your bag and not only have they pulled your bag, but there are four other bags that have been pulled as well, and yours is the fourth. Then you look ahead, and you see one TSA person who is going through these pulled bags, and you realize you're going to have to wait for four more of these pulled bags, plus the whole exercise that that guy does when he walks saunters back and says who's this? Who's this? Who's baggage this hesitate to answer? And then someone finally answers. Do you have all your possessions, ma'am? I don't know when you have all your possessions, come meet me over here. Like, they can't start looking through your bag until they see that you've got all your other stuff. Why? So after waiting for four people to get their bags checked and finally who's biogas it right here. Do you have? Yes, I have all my possess. Come down meet me over here. You come down. And they put that picture up that looks like the inside of a hamburger right that that that that scan that they took that is the the one that it looks like a hamburger with ketchup mustard and everything all together. And that's what it looks like and some other staring at this. And you're going. And then they open it up. Is there anything sharp inside? This too will hurt me. Yes. It's going to open up in a big giant scissors are gonna come out cut your nose switchblade. That's how I like to open my back because the bag knows if it's me or if it's you. So it's going to cut your nose off not mine. What did you say? Yes. Then who opens the bag? So then they finally open your bag and they start pulling stuff out. And you dare to say. Can I ask you what you're looking for? Maybe I can help. Well, there's something that showed up on the scan here, sir. Okay. Finally, when they go through every single thing, you know, ended up being a bag of almonds. You know, like a small little bag of almonds that you buy it a little for some reason, they'll go this is it I go those are almond. Yeah. On the scan showed up is something else. I said what pecans? It doesn't look like a bomb some back of Albert's little and for this. You're sitting there and then the insult to injury. They try to close your bag backup after you. So carefully packed it and put everything ripped through the whole thing. And they pushed the top over there. Pulling on the zipper, and the, you know, they're just doing this, basically until you'll say, I'll get it. Okay. Okay. And sometimes just stand. There is no you pack, it I already did this once this morning, and then you took it all apart because of my almonds. That's great. We have a call here is Chris. Hi, chris. You're on the Mitch Albom show. Go ahead. Chris the story to tell. Chris retired or three third. Anyhow, so somebody got a gun through security. Did they say it was a metal gear? Because you know, you've got those paper guns. Now, anything those ones. The ones you do. Got it through. How how do they know? There's somebody say I got a gun gun owner. A source the airline. Told ABC news a gun owner filled airline workers in on what occurred upon arriving in Japan was going to Japan. That makes me wonder. So was he trying to pull a fast one just to see if you could get away with it? Or did he remember, oh, I have a gun in my suitcase? When the passenger was fully cooperative with authorities flew from Atlanta to reader Japan was met by Japanese authorities on landing. Wow. Feel safer flying and get a gun through. Yes. Yes. Kevin. So it again, Kevin Neal went out. Yeah. You know, what happened Kevin? So you can get a gun through. What was the joke? Oh, you missed a good part. We'll be the judge if it's a good partner take to you can get a gun through. But God forbid you should try to get through a tube of Colgate. Right or a bag of all for that. You there are some international law and smugglers, though, Mitch. Probably overlook never know. How many were there? Mitch ten. Okay. I think the eight th they wouldn't let you go. If it was eight. We'll try those make sure that they're not. Laced with. Will you take almonds again? Mitch. No. And now they've now some of the places that telling you take all food out of your bags like you can't you can't even put food through even candy bars. Really? Yeah. Well that begs the question, why were you traveling with? Over time. You you're in an airport, you're hungry. You buy vagabond? You throw it in your bag for later or something like that. I don't know. It wasn't like wasn't it. Like, I I stayed up all night packing. The last one, I thought you pack. They were just in there from a previous trip. Jack. Sundry store. You probably brought those from own everything at the if you buy almonds at the airport felt little bag of. Yeah. Nine dollars. Can cannot put that on layaway. I seventy five northbound.

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