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My favorite three things that bring one fin and our dogs yes to cave. I think like we said it's a surprisingly prizing. -Ly Doug Finlay Park so if you have a dog please bring him or her along also bring a leash so that they can actually enjoy the trails with you because the also a six foot leash sanders reasons behind like maximum. Yeah so do not mess with it. Six every national park. It's the same thing. Yeah yeah across the country right right and guarantee your dog will love this park as much as fended Some more stuff to bring or a couple more things to ring to mammoth cave. One important. Adam is sturdy walking and or like hiking shoes especially when you're going down the cave because things can get steep narrow craggy the and most notably quite dark so even if things are lit or you're holding a lantern or something it. This is a much darker place than surface. So Oh you're GONNA choose that won't be slipping and sliding over things potentially and then also while you're in the cave. You should bring a jacket. I sweaty or something like that no matter what. The temperature is on the surface whether it's scorching hot or it's like thirty degrees. It's almost constantly fifty four degrees degrees in the cave. which I think sounds kind of comfortable sweater weather now so just go in knowing that you don't WanNa be like in a tank top because it's hot and service then go down and you're like some cold I'm GonNa drop the Sun Unit? I want to know what your favorite part of mammoth cave was. I mean I'm truly fascinated. There's so much that we've gone over so much Just of what we talked about. But then there's things that we missed but like what was your favorite thing for mammoth caves. I think my favorite the thing was an not stealing from you because I might be the case but was when we got to that little trail with Finn in that whole experience taking a photo with him at the National Park Park signed because we always do photos together national park signs wherever whichever Parker out and it was really special exciting to do that within for the first time even though he was not cooperating did not know to look at it. I mean obviously lying. What beauty all around? Yeah he's not yeah. He doesn't notice the camera at all. That's fine it was a great family fed nonetheless and he loves the trail. I thought it was the perfect length for him and and Nice and flat and just I was so happy and I. I love doing that altogether about you. What was your favorite part? I know this is is weird but like honestly finding out about eyeless shrimp. That's not I mean. It is weird but like learning about the ecology and the wildlife here Even the differences between the like Travelers versus travel files bites. Like you know that was really interesting getting to understand. Yeah the caveat because system is really deep lake also literally deep their animals living underground here deep underground there really are in considering all of our talk about like mummies and Isla shrimp And you're afraid of the dark. I think we should finish this episode with a little horror story. Yeah Yeah I know. Cause of unsurprisingly. Mammoth cave is a park. That has triggered the obsession from HP lovecraft himself with one of the foremost authorities on horror in creepy fiction. He actually wrote a short story. That's satin mammoth cave. Because of course at this place just is made for stuff like I thought it's called the beast in the cave in the kind of thing that nightmares are literally made Yeah and honestly sounds like the plot of the movie the descent which I haven't seen but I've heard a lot about and I've read the wikipedia page in detail because that's what I do. I can't see horror movies because I get traumatized to severely but I love to read Wikipedia ed pages and like experience the horror that by so that was a little teaser from that story. Yeah it's about a man touring them at gave who gets separated raided from his group somehow and he gets lost. His torch eventually goes out leaving him in pitch dark yes. This is horrifying literally horrifying. He hears footsteps approaching but they don't sound human so he throws a stone into darkness towards the sound curious to hear what happens next but I guess you have to read the short story for yourself right or you could just be like me and not read that story and watch a romantic comedy to erase list. My memory or ready player one. Just go go watch but really though like HP lovecraft really just gets it. I mean mammoth cave is the most hauntingly hauntingly beautiful place you've been listening to Parkland. Yeah a show about National Parks Park. Land dates production of iheartradio. Created by Matt. Brad Kerr wack and Christopher has. Yoda's produced an edited by Mike John's our executive producer. Christopher has YODA's R. researcher. It's Justin Shield a special things goes out to Gabriel Collins Crystal waters and the rest of the park India crew. And Hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on apple podcasts. It helps other. Are People like you find our show. 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