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She wanted to know if they could drop in on the Powell home and see how the boys were doing a lawyer at the Washington attorney general's office responded saying they're agency didn't have the authority to perform welfare checks unless there was a specific accusation of abuse or neglect west valley police did not have that they also couldn't speak candidly with Washington's child welfare workers because their case was still under a court secrecy order. They were allowed to talk though to the local law enforcement agency Pierce county sheriff's detective Gary Sanders helped secure a warrant from a Washington judge allowing deputies to go to Steve pals house and sees the boys so basically their form of with their statement. And they just wanted to be interviewed. Because now they were in this home, and they were kinda closed off with Stephen. And Josh all of them living in the house. They served that weren't on the morning of March tenth two thousand and ten another Pierce county detective named Theresa Berg approached the boys. She went in there and the boys rant her let her pick them up, and they just glommed onto which was crazy. No strangers and stuff like that taking you out of a home. You would think there'd be a little bit. But she held them. And then we acted with them. I think it was kind of something they were missing. It was just anytime. We're in there. It was cold. It was a cold environment. As detective Kim wilty carried Charlie out of the house the five. Year old asked if he was being arrested. She assured him he was not. The police drove the boys to the Mary bridge safe and sound building. West valley. Detectives including Kim wilty who had performed the first interview with Charlie in December. We're going to get a second shot at it repeat interviews of child. Witnesses were not usual protocol still she had to try. She brought Charlie into a separate room and tried to talk to him..

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