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The council members obviously two of them cory johnson and steve levin has been very outspoken both have expressed a strong support i spoke to council member don's rodriguez he's going to study it he certainly understands why there's value to this pilot project but he wants to study as well i have not yet spoken to council member rafael salamanca whose district it is in the bronx so i can't speak to his view yet what about the federal government and we know that attorney general sessions and his justice department has been more into drugs as a law enforcement problem well on the one hand that's a true statement on the other hand the trump administration and attorney general sessions has spoken often about opioids a national crisis and i would think if there is an effort that might save a lot of lives that's been proven around the world and also by the way is the potentially also started quite soon there's already been approvals in philadelphia san francisco seattle i would think the federal government would look at that and say you know this is something to stand back from and get an opportunity to be tested you know that was true with needle exchange there was not intervention from the federal government even though at the time it was also federally illegal there was not intervention hasn't been intervention on states that legalize marijuana even though again that's federally illegal so i think there's some real history and democratic and republican administrations of a hands off approach to let the localities experiment and see what they think just one other thing on this and then we'll go to calls this is the estimator segment if you're just tuning in on the brian lehrer show on wnyc as we do every friday from ten to ten thirty with mayor bill de blasio two one two four three three wnyc.

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