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I quit my last. I'd say you're excused. You're and i get it but just sometimes you just get tired. Don't wanna deal with it. Oh totally yeah and even when when you fail all the basketball court if it is for personal reasons or not. That's excusable to because it's just a game where people shoot a ball. But yeah the ways that i don't know maybe again i. Maybe i'm projecting that there's something Off season and i think bigger i just maybe the recognition from kind of the the vanguards of coverage whether it's espn or the athletic. Whatever i just feel like we keep losing sight of the things that are should be more important this season and so yeah when we talk about kyrie i mean first of all. The basketball has been spectacular. Kyrie has been balling but kyrie. The person has been more important than an athlete should be cooled take note of if he says something down. Take note of it. Move on with your life. He's just one guy in brooklyn plays basketball. He's not he's not like running for senate or anything that would be. Why did i move for the. I voted for cal cunningham on the strength of his sex slave. No like no like okay. So kyrie said something about opening your mind different possibilities. That was anti-science cool i've said stupid things. He also with like with the indigenous people of the sioux tribes in standing rock. When nobody else was and then people bashing on the saging or make light of the intellect meticulous all of us all of us are learning new things culturally in twenty twenty twenty twenty one that we haven't been exposed to like in our sheltered existence like our consciousness is expanding we're learning more about racial and social justice and I think he's been misunderstood in that. I think he has said it. Live beautiful things about like. He was with the water. Protectors against the dakota access pipeline. Which could poison. Our water in lake is against their Their tribal sovereignty right. And i think. I think that's great him saying that he is him saying that. Maybe the earth is flat like in making kind of clumsy point. Does that like wipe out the good thing he said. I don't think so because we're all humans and we all say stupid shit fucking. Every day of the we would think also again bill russell who mentioned the top really has transcended sports and so he might be a national figure. He's one of the i mean. If you're talking about sports. I think he's the most not just because i like have a bias like i wanna say like. This guy is great because celtic that. He's great because if he is a human being first and foremost in the things he suffered through not to lion is suffering. Because it's awful that anybody goes through that. But i think the way like the dignity in the grace Which he navigated things throughout his entire life and lake just everything about and it's like what you wanna be as a person bills. The man might first piece that i wrote for. Ot g was heavily intertwined with bill russell and dr great force for The world and this team speaking of this team. I do wanna ultimately redirects to the initial question of this pod which is How do we fucked the celtics vibe on. I have come s that but i think rifts we love to hear from the vibe master himself what do the celtics need to do to unfussy vibes all right number one when jalen went jalen hot..

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