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Year. I think metcalf in hopkins are interesting because now they got. Aj green there and for metcalf. You know there's tyler lockett yeah well lock. It's a guy who's inconsistent. I'm sure we might talk about him later. But he's a guy who's a much better best ball player but de que metcalfe's a really special player. I just don't see how things are going to go down like his game to game consistency was outstanding last year. He saw five plus targets in fifteen of sixteen games and score double digit fantasy points. In twelve of sixteen games. Tyler lockett really his only competition for volume. I think it's another one hundred. Twenty twenty-five targets are on the docket for decay. Mccafe these guys. You're in the interior one at behind my elite tier. I think you can make an argument. For calvin ridley to go towards the elites here but the elite here those guys. I have great in his first round picks in fantasy. All of these guys. I have graded as second round. Picks in fantasy there could be some overlap from tier two tier. But these guys. I have graded a second round. Picks for fantasy man. Let me them. If i have a pit. I talked about this on the running back. Show if i am in the position to pick dea evolving cook or christian mccaffrey at the top of my draft. And i get one of these guys men. Do i feel like i'm cooking. I like i just feel like that is a l. of a star so i think the first pick some years. The first pick isn't as important as it is this year some years. The number one number two guys aren't clear. Cut sometimes the back end of the second round is a massive drop off from the front end of the second round that makes drafting at the back end of the first round. Much more appealing. Not this year. I love the end of the second round. I love the top third round. Pick an early to cheat code some of these receipt. Receivers of the reason. Why.

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