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Capital One. The nominees for the 21 22 PFA players player of the year have been announced. These are them Virgil Van Dyke Harry Kane studied your money Cristiano Ronaldo muscular and Kevin De Bruyne and I want to stick with Sadio Mané because we're seeing reports that a deal is done for Sadio Mané to buy in. We've been keeping an eye on this transfer. So I'll get a quick word from you guys on this. Gab, what do you know? Well, last I heard was that there was still some distance between the price that Liverpool would have wanted, which is reported as close to €50 million and the price buying were really offer, which is 30 million. The personal terms, on the other hand, with the player pretty much squared away. And squared away early. But of course, that's all contingent between the two clubs agreeing to fate. Stevie was seeing figures of one in 400,000 Liverpool. You did say that if they were to only keep one if they could between Mozilla and Sadio Mané, it would have to be most of our money go. Yeah, I mean, Liverpool know have probably four or 5 players who are what you would call your key guys. And you can't pee them all 400 grand a week. So you're forced into making a decision of who you try and keep. And who you think you can get away with letting go. And the fact is, you've just signed Diaz, who plays on the left hand side, you shame money, who plays on the left hand side, and so that would be another reason why it's money is the one that has to go. If he's not willing to accept the finances you're for him. So there's no worry, Cray do you think of breaking up that front three? With everything they've done. I think it's always a concern, but I think I've mentioned that in Monday and Stevie again yesterday. I mean,.

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