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I also wanna root for jack lighter and let's say the red sox best player in ten years is a a to ninety hitting shortstop with fifteen to twenty homer power marcello meyer. I think your life will go on eh fine. It's fine for me. The absolute keith. That's what keeps says like best talent in the draft but not the highest ceiling and that sort of what i agree with and if the red sox are blessed they tanked in a sixty game season for some reason. Congratulations to them. They fired their manager and hired a confused old man from the pony town halls from parks and rec. And and that's great but the prize was maybe like you know. The prize might have been a very good shortstop and they currently have a very good shortstop. I'm less. I'm not terrified of this outcome. Take every draft grade or analysis with a grain of salt. I don't think anybody knows nothing. It's the same thing with outside of the nfl. Top five or ten. There's there's no homerun there's no homerun picks look how many number one overall busters been in. Mlb so many So we'll be sitting here waiting but hey With how discouraging. I guess the yankees results have been from first round picks in recent years It's nice to see at least some positive Positive feedback from somebody. Who is very tough grader. On the yankees and keith law. So positively for you on this friday folks and i guess. We're playing three games playing friday saturday and sunday. Jeff passan says on twitter but we won't have aaron judge. We will not have your show. We won't have kyle higashi okay. We will not have jonathan isaac. Nestor cortez or wadi throughout the so bullpen. Pitching staff a little bit decimated. A top two players. I would say In the field in the outfield. Because i think your shelves browley our best infielder Are gone for the weekend. So i don't know i really don't know. Oh it's going to be absolutely awful. Roofer trae amburgey maybe play giancarlo. In right maybe make a trade quickly because right now the team you know say what you will about making changes switching things up benching. Aaron judge is not losing. Your shell is not those are not the alterations you make. If you're interested shaking up the egg is a little bit It's safe to say the season was probably borderline already over now. Let's try to annoy people. Let's see what we got but yeah this is. This is a pretty close to a worst case. Scenario that you can't count for and again a year and a half ago disease. No one ever heard of. Isn't that waleed an entire season. It's insane it's completely crazy thing. That is the kind of thing you mentally come up with when they signed garrett cole your like how can this possibly go wrong. Normal things like he gets hurt It's unlikely he's bad. But then you're like. I guess something like an alien invasion could happen and then of course. There is a pandemic disease that none of us have ever heard of And then the lose base full season to it then they all get back to prevent against it and then they get it again two separate times so again. That's alien invasion curse level best of luck to the gang this weekend. The pressure is somewhat off but they still have to win games. That is it for this edition of the hard podcasts. At an addition we never wanna do ever again but certainly will have to do something similar in the time that i hate this podcast goo podcast spotify. Wherever you get your podcast opposite five. Serve you along with the mail that question..

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