Houston Chronicle, Houston, Obama Administration discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


Poured in on this this comes from the houston chronicle this is an advocacy group feel in houston said friday was the latest example what does that appears to be an increasingly common federal practice to target predominantly hispanic apartment complexes early in the morning on the pretext looking for specific suspects than questioning bystanders without any evidence they are illegally here is that something you're hearing them do is that any new practice that has really flourish in the last year it's something that the federal government experimented with during the obama administration and actually gave up and so i think what's the new with the trump administration is that they are encouraging joe are pyo type tactics like the one texas example that you just gave they want to unleash both federal ice agents and border patrol agents as well as state and local officials who want to participate and they want to pressure state and local officials who don't want to participate in doing this and we've seen that result we saw the result during the obama years a stray shower and when sheriff joe or pyo who since been disgraced but then pardoned by donald trump really started racially profiling latinos or others who appear to be foreign we've learned time and again in the recent history is that when you tell a police officer a sheriff's deputy go out and do immigration enforcement you will see a pattern of race discrimination and traffic stops and that's part of the dragnet effect that is why all of these policies that the trump administration's trying to roll out target immigrants but really hurt all of our communities everyone in our communities wong.

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