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I remember times when i just you know all spend a month being reckless reckless you know a wake up and have a beer and like just started drinking inland now just go shopping fuck my responsibilities and screw everything i'm gonna put off all of these things in just have fun that to me is what i mean by reckless it's very hard to work on yourself it takes a lot of effort it takes a faulk ton of energy it takes time and it takes a lot of emotional willpower because you have to look at the ugly parts of yourself you have to sit there and think about the things you don't like about yourself and that is what i'm about to break so the other day and i think this was actually yesterday's maybe it was the same days the malala day i was on daily mail hall and they had and a story on ava gardner and frank sinatra and it was a bit of a little bit of so there's a new biography on ava gardner that came out which i just ordered reprieve ordered an ink and they had a bunch of different excerpts or some you know different things about it in this article and i read it what daily the daily mail article and at the end of it it she had there were quotes from her about saying that she wish she wished that she had done her life differently that she didn't focus so much on her career and hollywood in all of that because she constantly cheated on every husband that she had was never faithfuls she didn't give a shit and she said she wished that she had.

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