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Here on thunder radio. And you just heard what did you hear champion? Jack do pre. That's what you heard doing stumbling. Sorry. I I didn't cue. My sounds up there. Like, I was supposed to threw me off just a little bit. Sorry. Yeah. I'm sorry. You are all. From. Well, thank you. That makes me feel good because thanked things happen. When you're doing live radio doesn't it champion? Jack DuPree doing stumbling block from nineteen fifty five on king records featuring Mickey Baker on guitar. And that's who we are featuring this entire show this week is Mickey Baker both as a session player and a solo performer. Mickey Baker one of the greatest guitar players of all time. He he revolutionized jazz guitar. He can play blues. He could play rhythm and blues. He could play rockabilly. We got some rockabilly tracks coming up from in the next half of the show. So you don't want to miss out on that. But we need to take a quick break in order to find out. What's going on here and copy county this weekend friends, so we'll resume our study shortly again, I'm professor Michael t and you're listening to coffee county hootenanny when we get back. Check this out. We have Mickey and kitty Ruth Brown young Jesse brownie McGhee. Joe clay and a whole lot more. You don't want to miss this. Friends. Fact, you never wanna miss a class on coffee county hootenanny, I'm with each Saturday and Sunday at this same bat time, we'll see on the flip side. Do you? Remember when you could call the radio station. Request your.

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