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A budget spending on his boardwalk you recall last year we were in a similar. Situation with congress having to pass continuing resolutions from, September all the way to early twenty eighteen Senator Ron Johnson says the shutdown is not a, good idea I don't think it'd be helpful so let's try and avoid it Johnson Republican appeared on CBS his face. The nation wins news time three twenty three many recordings made by the former longtime Trump. Lawyer and fixers seized by, the FBI. But some are wondering if then candidate Trump is, on more than one current Trump lawyer. Rudy Giuliani on Trump attorney Michael, Cohen a hundred eighty three unique Conversation on tape one of those, United States Giuliani on CBS's Face the nation. ABC news chief, legal analyst Dan Abrahams e potentially has information to provide to Robert Muller let's be clear he's being investigated by the southern district of New York which is a separate. Entity investigating Michael Cohen. Abrahams on ABC's this week correspondent Chuck Sivertsen one year old Bronx fan Sean and killed on the Upper, West side the NYPD says officers responded, around, one thirty. Sunday morning to nine one one call reporting a, man arriving at Saint Louis hospital. With a gunshot wound to the chest seventy took him there wasn't an ambulance victim has. Been identified as Rashawn pope, lived on. College avenue in the Bronx Police say the shooting occurred. Near west two hundred twenty fifth street and twelfth avenue in Harlem no, arrests reported no word on any suspects seventy. Two degrees and, fair in New York mostly clear early this morning low sixty eight later today a mix of clouds and sunshine still not too humid I eighty four partly to mostly. Cloudy tonight more human. Low seventy mostly cloudy and humid with an afternoon shower or thunderstorm around Tuesday Eighty two more of the same on Wednesday and Thursday typical summer like weather with highs in the mid eighties chances for showers. And thunderstorms, around late in the day seventy..

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