Daryl Chris, FTC, Hyundai discussed on The Bill Press Show


Free talk live kicking off our number two in studio it's daryl chris and mark and we've been talking about the f what what is the ftc tv or f teed seeds fc tc the federal consumer trade commission i think that's the one the federal trade commission hero of consumer protection so it's actually the ftc bcp the f c t see that i still don't know how it's different from the ftc i just know they've got an extra see in there now there you go and i guess the c is for crony but the ftc's bureau of something something is saying that the warranty void stickers or legal they are illegal although there's not actually any penalty for anybody just wrongfully using a warranty void sticker i don't know about that but as ours technica points out the sample language listed in the f t f t now jeeze daryl now the federal trade commission the ftc statement matches the terms found on several companies websites and the media outlet felt no compunction naming names quote hyundai's warranty states that the use of hyundai genuine parts is required to keep your hyundai manufacturer's warranties and any extended warranties intact or nintendo's warranty states that this warranty shall not apply of this product has been used with products not sold or licensed by nintendo you buy.

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