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The head of the Democrats and the United States Senate was a member previous member of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert KKK bird. The Democrats picked him to be there. Senate leader at the same time north him appeared not in a Ku Klux Klan outfit, which the last three days. No one's come up with any facts indicate one of those two guys is him. Because north is about six foot three. And those guys are about six foot five foot ten clearly it's not him in the photo. So then why should he step down because imitated Michael Jackson moonwalking in nineteen Eighty-four? You kidding me? And if that is so bad. What one of the Democrats go after the Democrats who selected a member of the Ku Klux Klan and actual member of the clan. An actual member of the clan late in the United States Senate, Robert K, K K K bird. Did you see the stupidity of this despite his protestations? That's not me practically every big time democrat has called for his resignation. Even though he says, he's not guilty. First of all, I would have picked a less speed to be the governor and not north them in the first place. But is it worse to be a member of the clan as bird was or is it bad? Not to be in a photo wearing a Klan outfit because that's what north and says, that's not me. If one is bad how much worse than being actual member of the Ku Klux Klan, which Democrats or the founders of the clan. The Democrats were the clan. The Democrats marched in Washington in the nineteen thirties in Klan outfits, the democratic member of the clan. Robert Byrd was picked by the Democrats to run the Senate at the same time that Ralph Northam was only a medical student twenty five years old Robert KKK bird was in his sixties. How's it possible? The media doesn't make that connection to the democrat party. And has anyone made a study to save for a black folk the worst place for you to live is in a black congressional district by every objective measurement? If you had the money, would you send your kids as Chicago public schools? My producer dangling says yes, I would do that. I don't think anybody else would. I know how lousy the Cincinnati public schools are. I assume the New York public schools are terrible. But they're all Democrats. No one does that work the highest crime areas in our country controlled by Democrats, the highest taxes are controlled by Democrats. So does the media make any of these connections to the failure of so many poor Americans or the democratic pilot? Absolutely not because the media is a megaphone of the democrat party. We're not going to criticize one of our own. So when governor Rick Scott, well, I thought did a great job this morning with meet the press. He went on and talked about the fact that the Senate is completely dysfunctional. He says the senators would rather make political points and solve the nation's problems. He said there's too much hatred on Capitol Hill toward the president, quote is so is so much hatred up there right now people are not working together. We got. To stop. And let's act in the interest of the American public. What a novel suggestion. Said he wants a big deal. That includes the deamer the dreamers and TPS and all the rest make sense, right? Scott went there with the best of intentions. He's a good, man. I've had him on a few times did a good job as the governor of my second. Adopt. The state of Florida wonderful. So he's caught into the swamp. It's impossible for me to conclude that at any point in the next week or two that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We'll put on the president's desk a Bill that he can sign and be ready to stand behind him in the rose garden and tell the American people Democrats and Republicans have worked together to solve the immigration problem that will never ever happen impossible and the media will pull that out here. It will not happen. What they want is for the president to use an executive order declaring a national emergency. They've already got the federal judge picked out in San Francisco doing join it, and it will take one to two years to get up to the Supremes by then the election will be ongoing. They're gonna think they're gonna elect the democratic president. He will then resend the executive order legal immigrants keep flooding over the border with rubella and aids and polio and hepatitis and tuberculosis and malaria, syphilis and gonorrhea pirate diary and a bunch of others. That's what's happening in the sanctuary cities. A headline in Los Angeles Times. Today LA is dealing with the deadly flea-born. Typhus outbreak typhus comes from fleas that IQ pie the backs of mice and rats the size of cats and Los Angeles half the homeless population. And Los Angeles are illegal aliens who were not screened at all for these diseases. They're bringing these into the country getting American sick and killing Americans in that a big story. How many stories have you seen like that on CNN? The answer is zero doesn't fit all the news that fits they print that doesn't fit. How many national stories have been on governor north? I'm talking about killing babies after birth factor matter is there was a quick thirty second story on CBS. And that's it because the national media are pro-abortionist. They think abortion is a sacrament got no problem with it. You don't see those stories. Let's continue with your calls thousands on hold and about thirty five minutes or so Dennis Miller will be here. One.

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