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San Bernardino National Forest could be barred from lighting campfires and using stoves outside of designated areas that parents from the for service tells Kate X. Y. a lot of grasses had that have grown since this wet weather is part of the consideration but we do aleve the fire restrictions every year as the fuel moisture and the weather starts to get hotter and hotter so it just it's a moving target of when it happens those old state campfire permit may use portable stoves lanterns outdoors as long as they have fuel shut off valves violators will be fine restrictions will be in effect until December thirty first the closure of Ontario based re planted the state's biggest operator recycling centers may speed up efforts to reform the state's recycling program this is or it really is pourtant insignificant issue governor Gavin Newsom says wholesale reforms are in the works but there's some disagreement with cal EPA's chief on how to overhaul the system it's been a year and a half in the making maybe two years and now it's hitting us hard so you'll hear more about this the next few weeks but we we're on top of it but we have differences of opinion exactly where to end up on this on Monday Ontario based re planet closed its remaining two hundred and eighty four centers and laid off its entire workforce the company said in a statement it had to shut down due to the continued reduction in state fees rising operating costs and falling prices for recycled aluminum and P. E. T. plastic only based consumer watchdog contends recycling redemption centers throughout California continue to closed due to severe under payments from the state Claudia pesky talk KNX ten seventy newsradio it's two twenty jun Doniger checks your money apple arguably change the shape of computer use with the iPhone now the slowdown in all kinds of smartphone sales is.

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