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Wild Day the Dow Jones industrial average was down. 634 points, closing at 30,000 Created three NASDAQ Down 355 Point, Nash Back down 99. By the way, the European markets are sharply lower in early trading today, and as all of that was going on, there was this wild ride by game stop. Retail, a video game store. Their stock is soaring, thanks to investors on the online chat room called Reddit. There's correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, with this for the hope is that they can drive up the price of a company and then cash out. Cameron Public is a 20 year old Rutgers student who's been playing the stock market during the pandemic. I think that game stop is worth, you know, $220 a share. No, I know personally near where I am I've seen probably 45 game stops to shut their doors in the last year. The stocks only worth as much as people think it is their efforts to game the system sometimes pay off a year ago, Gamestop was about $4 a share. Yesterday it closed it nearly $150. Actually, it's up about 300% at the moment on Batman. In fact, the stock prices like $350 and again just a month ago, it was $4.5 50 is the time and time was ravaged. Transponder is definitely slow on the westbound side. This is all because of a stall tractor trailer heading towards the major Dig in the left lane is blocked off on the cross Bronx West phone. Arizona reached an alibi on lower deck that's still close. They're doing construction there and over on the inbound Quanis wear singlets building up from the prospect. Taking up to Hamilton Avenue. Still pretty good on the BQE both directions across the Kosciuszko Bridge in Queens Vernon Boulevard close. It's a broken water main between Queens Boulevard and 41st Avenue and look out for some repairs on route 18 South found the sun the ramp to route 34 in colts neck that his exit 19 seeing slowdowns through that stretch of road. Our next traffic updates coming up in 10 Minutes on 7 10. W. O. R is now 5 51 in just a moment to check on the weather forecast. Coming up at six o'clock is Len Burman and Michael Riedel in the morning, and in just a moment, we take a look back at the career of Cloris Leachman. These are the voices of New York. Len Burman and Michael Riedel.

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