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And our good friend Phil Helmut unleashed his second major rant of the series this time on Twitter, some of the poker news one minute contest. Criticizing the player of the year scoring that he says gives too much credence to caching and events instead of making final tables as he does. Of course, it's the only reason why he'd argue for us because it only helps him. What I like most about what you just read is I go through and edit it for you and yet you still put in all the words that don't need to be there. That's my favorite thing. It's like he's put in words that aren't even there because I took him out, but he just memorizes how he writes these things. One thing I want to say is I found this interesting. Last week, on the show, we were talking about if anyone would catch Phil hellmuth, you know, and all that. And when Sean D one, I don't even think he was asked this question, but he might have been, but the quote that was with the release was totally. I'm gonna catch him. I'm gonna catch him easily. Do you see how many times I'm winning and all these things? It would paraphrasing, but I mean, he basically was saying that he's gonna be the one that catches Phil helmet, even though it's like right on cue when we ask that question last week, hearing his answer in it for us. Maybe still listen to the show just to keep tabs on his running tab. So I had the big running he'd owe me like 8 grand right now. Serious. But, you know, yeah, so to his point, though, I mean, he's young enough and he's playing at such a high caliber right now. I mean, it's possible..

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