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I mean you have to say yes. Virgil van dyke was probably the best central defender in the world. Before your engine. I think if you look throughout the team nicholson much quality throughout. They all getting little old together. They have still looked really good. I think and i was hoping to games space if he is going to be a real challenge against chelsea this weekend chelsea as we really really good themselves so this is one of the first games of the season. I've been really looking forward to being able to assess the relative strength of some of these title contenders livable necessarily as team. This is going to be able to hang with chelsea and city all season. They do have the talent in i. I think to take on any team in that top. Four or six win. Their attacks still firing shots independently far. This season and our parents have expected goals as well. It's whether they can win the injuries. Calm when champions league mid week and when their suspensions go through that kind of rough period and the wind up do they have the debt arsenal. This legendary club have been bad for a lot of years. Now let's just call it like it is. They've now started off losing two zero to brentford a club. That many fans have probably never heard of the big time for the first time in seventeen years the pudding thirty and then getting absolutely hammered by chelsea two zero team in genuine danger of getting relegated. Is there any hope on the horizon for arsenal. Probably going to be probably three teams worse than last year. I think it would be incredible. If they did get relegated. They probably just have too much quality to really think about that. But you have questions about when going for me the amount of money. They've spent this summer to not get obviously much better. Really perplexing asks have agreed a deal in principle with sheffield united goalkeeper in rahmael initial twenty four million pound in england international but that could potentially rise by another six billion pounds in don million on browns all leaper who might be able to challenge make sense song many q. The transfers decision ben white. The defender has moved from brighton to awesome for an undisclosed fee on a long term. Deal the undisclosed fee. We understand to be fifty million pounds and the long term is the big question. Mark is called right now and said all he comes on like he was an awesome player. He was also planning. He was a captain leader. And maybe this is the guy who's going to ten us round but what we've seen from mcconnell chauffeur suggests that he's anything poised to being up to the task of also manager has to realize i that That the position that we had in Is no where we want to be on. We should not accept it and just them trying to use the moment and the challenge ahead of us as an opportunity and gear on how to play like conscious doesn't necessarily translate into execution of that plan so this is a huge club with a massive budget. But yeah i just. I don't see the hope for them. They've got some aging players. Like obama hearing of nakazawa on big contracts extended some of the young talented call. Call your soccer meals. Make all those plans. But it's much more about that makes you scratch your head. And lastly add. We have a two sample size here which seems totally sufficient for making a prediction. So tell us. What does the table look like. Thirty six games from now when it all wraps up talked about i think city and chelsea probably separated by two to points who finishes top to come down injuries city in chelsea finished third fourth fifth places and really interesting one it might be and then needs to these people and i think the bottom three. You have to be knocking Norwich new costly gonna struggle again. Crystal palace wanted to go down. But it's going to be an uphill struggle to stay up if i haven't mentioned the team in the middle of title somewhere. Which means you at both. Thank you so much for breaking all this down for us. Absolutely the problem you you can find more. Ed malians premier li coverage at the athletic dot com from wondering the athletic. I'm under scelzo. Thanks for listening to hear more of the lead. You can follow us on amazon music. Spotify and apple podcasts. Or to listen to us on your alexa enabled device. Just say alexa. Play the lead podcast. Hi i'm lindsey graham. The host of wonder show american scandal. We bring to life. Some of the biggest controversies in. Us history presidential lies environmental disasters corporate fraud in our newest series. We look at an uprising. The captured the nation's attention the attica correctional facility was a notoriously brutal. Prison guards routinely assaulted the inmates. Living conditions were inhumane. But in nineteen seventy one. The inmates took control of the maximum security prison and demanded fundamental reforms. The four day standoff that followed shocked the nation as it took a sudden and violent turn. Follow american scandal on apple podcasts amazon music the wondering app or wherever. You're listening right now. Listen one week early and at free by joining wondering plus..

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