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So the story is that Oracle edged out Microsoft in negotiating for the US operations of China owned tiktok, , which is the subsidiary of fight dance. . But professor you explain to us exactly what kind of a quote unquote deal this is. . remained slightly unclear how Nicole partnership is GONNA be with all recording Tiktok what has been clear right now is <hes> Microsoft historically all over the past few days when thinking about acquiring talk and make say for us user and possibly they need to open the Al Gore Software Code and make it much more transparent going forward and in the end is dance to own of Tiktok say no to Microsoft and you know way that the panicle partnerships probably. . Keep, , paying what alcohol? ? I'll go behind stay intact and trying to appease to government at the same time. . So, , professor what was the political? ? Overhang of this deal or the political influence of this deal from your perspective. . I mean, , this is a big major development in the sense that for the first time Guffman are really adding on acting on an ad hoc basis. . So starting from the trump administration, , all of these executive orders, , there was no industry consultation. . There is no independent inquiry, , per se and then after all the Chinese. . Guffman, , at the same time, , we're basically saying you know by dance, , you cannot export any software code in the name off you know national security I'm the ramifications, the , following that businesses find it really really difficult going forward to plan ahead WHAT IS LONGTIME R&D or product sales and marketing given all of these becomes much more of an ad hoc basis. . In, , your estimation is oracle the right kind of company to be doing this. . In, , the world is kind of strange because if you think of all records historically really be to become Canadian sales database services, , it doesn't really have a large B. Two C. market as a result of know how they have would be audibly much less than Microsoft ways running xboxes or these game, , and of course, , the to see market is huge and sort. . Of the technical ability around is also amazing to however have you thinking about Tiktok probably one of the biggest worry is one's a gone through. . You potentially go through with they completely lose their independence from that angle and Oracle potentially becomes much more attractive than smaller than know how round to market is much less and quite frankly they are not very strong imbuing. . So from that angle, , it's not surprising that tiktok would actually prefer a week up partner in this case Oracle. .

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