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Realised glasses haul it was so embarrassed came by here do you alone that autry series yeah he stopped lie he goes no i'm gonna go through it was studio we do reason no one else is in this room except for day ever again admin assistant christie coming down in chill clean that whole thing during the number i foreign going through so you could stay in here with the smell who's on may one st long evil i i'm always going to do that always think about i had to quit saying it was kinda like the forty in thing 'cause i always say you know what the caller like hey what's up mark tell me what you up and then if their name was choke i'll go home it said to him i would say it out almost crap and portuguese probably had that his whole uae during a terrible system now the mix minus thing for we went into the break with a is if you if you guys are out there don't know what that is i didn't know what it was for click on the radio but apparently when you're sending your signal from one studio to another you know it takes a few seconds to get there and it comes back in your headset you're hearing yourself three to five seconds later and there's nothing more distracting in the world you can not if like you're is like pat your head rubbing your stomach almost impossible to think and i talk yep while you're hearing yourself back five seconds later very clearly in your headset and so yeah we're i go on the air that's going on for a little while and i just thought there is no possible way that this i can and so i'm like okay black we are going to besta tiger three two one s we'd have any best and now we have a guy zach bennett that all he does a lot of things but it's number one key result areas listen to the show every day for anything he catches that maybe a date dave mentions or something we don't wanna rear and archives those and so whenever daves out you usually don't know he's out he does such a good job editing rosalio it's actually the best segment so it's like.

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