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Information I'm going to pass along has to do with on Ly, the Northeast Independent school district. As I understand it if I'm wrong in any of my information, and I do not believe that I am I'm sure I'll hear from Aubrey Chancellor or a superintendent or a principal somewhere in Northeast And as I understand it, this applies to all grades. Okay. Elementary, Middle School high school virtual classes the 1st 3 weeks but getting today and through Monday, September 7th Labor Day. After three weeks. On Tuesday, September the eighth in class teaching, then begins Okay for those who want to go to school. Except that's not true. What you mean just some of them can In class teaching September 8th for some students, not all including those who have opted. To be instructed and taught virtually the entire school year. Okay now that being said at any time during the school year if you change your mind if a parent changes their mind and wants their student who they said I want to be taught virtually all year at some point during the school year if that parent changes their mind and wants their student of then be able to attend school. They can. But once again, you're not going to see At least for a period of time once September 8 shows up No more than five. Individuals in any classroom. Five, only five only maximum five maximum, including the teacher. That would be six. Well, teacher would be six. Five students. In a classroom. Maximum I'll explain more after headlines, traffic and weather Three hostages have been released A Cedar Park police near Austin continued their standoff with a man barricaded inside a home. Two days into the new school year at Bernie is dead, and a handful of students and teachers are already in.

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