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Tonight here at the fan Chris Moore wrapping up he show. speaking in the third person so then Tony can take over the stage and take you through to your Sunday morning Mickey Galloway little risk and a little reward as he had Lugo scheduled the back with the bases loaded Saddam down Ferraz a Davis delivered a. aces clearing double. and now Justin Wilson in to try and close it tomorrow Walker Buehler against Zack Wheeler and close out this series but a. likely win tonight for the Mets there two outs away and they obviously need it and trying to keep pace with the cubs won today the brewers are up in their game the Phillies are tied in their game so you just have to keep our eye on the scoreboard as the night progresses but they are two outs away and make it go away without one because. if Davis had not come through admins zero zero and your dad Wilson command and then you don't know where you're going to go after that with the struggles of the S. but any ideas gonna end up putting in a big spot somewhere down the line here and it lead to come through a wall but I don't think they can hide in the whole year Jody it's Staten Island up next on the fan I Jody hello so I want I want to ask an honest question are you worried at all about the Yankees getting into the playoffs this year at all. getting in what what what I'm what I'm saying is are you are you worried about their starting pitching staff well you mean when they get in yes yeah I think we're all a little worried I'm more worried though I said this all along and and throughout this century really with them I worry that they don't hit in the post season you know and I'm hoping that because they now have lemay you and they have the tour is you know is more of a complete player they're a little more complete than they used to be they're not all home run hitters so hopefully that will be the difference but yeah I'm worried I'm worried a little bit but I am but I also not overwhelmed by anybody I know I I I'm not a question Chris okay all right would you call it cannot yeah yeah that does not that doesn't seem to be right gives own selves are you worried at all about and pitching this year and the and the in the postseason I'm worried about him on the road Joe how about you. yeah you can tell yeah I'm worried about him on the road I think that he still be very good at home and I expect that he'll pitch well against the stadium but I I know he gives up a lot of home runs we all know that and he scares you a little bit but you know Paxton coming around is helpful and we're gonna see suffering on this week we're gonna see Jordan Montgomery tomorrow the tense this is back in the lineup tomorrow we may not pitch but he's back in the lineup will be with the big team in Toronto so we're gonna have a chance to see these guys with two weeks ago one more question Chris okay yeah. one male do you think will mail will win the MVP this year. that's a good question I don't know that he'll win it I think he's got a pretty good shot I don't know if you win the MVP I'm not that big on individual awards you know in a team sport I'm just not I mean I'm happy for people like. it's like a it's like a consolation prize when your team doesn't get in like the gras morning the site young last year or you know Alonso winning the home run title if they don't get in. or to grab one of the site young again if they don't get in it's a it's a consolation prize you really want to get in you know there's ten teams to get in now. that's a lot ten out of thirty a third of the teams get in. so if you have the grommet Alonso for example if you have the grama lines on macneil. in a lackluster kind of a down National League season you want to get in with that like you want to be a playoff team with that if you have the grama lines on macneil. not a lot of teams have that. and they've kept their starting pitching healthy. and they haven't been into the Phillies Wharton nearly as good as people thought they might be the cubs same thing. brewers about where they should be cardinals about where they should be dodges where they should be so. you know the teams they are battling with that. are in this thing now and didn't get there as the Mets win the game three nothing. they have underachieved. they've underachieved. so. that's why the matter in it because the brewers the cubs in the Phillies weren't as good as people thought they would be the Braves got better faster. then people thought the Dodgers were pretty much a shoe in to begin with and Milwaukee's about were Milwaukee should be but the cubs and the Phillies in particular have under chief from what people thought they would be and that allows. the door open for the Mets but the cubs and the Phillies don't have the ground or Alonso or McNeil and what I mean by that they don't players like that. no not really. so it's frustrating as a met backer match now six games over. five hundred. Lugo gets the win Wilson the save. but it's frustrating that. the Mets have those elements and I've kept them healthy most of the year McNeil had some problems but Alonso McNeil and the ground the been there the whole way most of the way. and they haven't so far anyway but able to take advantage of it they're gonna have to play very well these final two weeks. to catch the teams in front of them and hope for a little help. so it's frustrating in that regard but the future looks brighter as we talked about before the future looks brighter than it has been for a while because those three guys will be the keys next year and there's no reason to think any of them will be worse you know they're not like Robinson Cano getting toward the end of their career rely manning or anything like that the ground's got plenty last ones are McNeil have plenty left so. definitely easier to be optimistic about next year's Mets Frank and may have back up next on the fan I Frank yeah you said it all fourteen more playoff games for the Mets right. try to go Levin and three yeah and at worst ten four in you know it's funny weren't looking at the cubs right take a Gander at the national schedule and their track record in September we might next week at this time be saying looking more at the nationals and the cops nationals got three with the cards this week they've got a bunch for the Phillies there they usually be tack at each other and they got five of a tough game to Cleveland but we do know league series so don't don't don't write that option out because to get the cuts take off and then it split with the cardinals which they may they'll exceed eighty eight and so the Mets really Milwaukee has to has to lose a couple games we know that but that other option maybe the nationals when it's all said and done yeah I really hadn't considered them understand their track record and you're right about their schedule I think they're a little bit better than they have been and they have stoppers the page for them that hasn't mattered as much perhaps in the past but the odds that that kind of thing continues for them I don't think a very good I think the brewers could drop I don't think the cubs are a lock for anything yet and obviously the Phillies are a complete wildcard I I don't have any faith in the Phillies being good or bad they might be great am I gonna run the Phillies are like the Mets they could go on a run and they could be lousy so here you let it play out as you said you're you're really looking at. ten four at the worst for eighty seven wins and see if that's good enough. tomorrow's Bueller against Wheeler that'll be an interesting match up try to take two out of three from the Dodgers Yankees are upset about it although they got a long way to go before they get to the World Series should they get there the Dodgers losing tonight helps them so yeah it's not unhappy about that. we have football for you tomorrow forget on the fan with the giants and the bills who played great defense but. look like they can be had offensively and then the giants of course. all offensively seem to be ahead of where they are defensively they did play a very good team on the road in week one and I don't like to over react to week one and I'm not going to overreact week one with the giants despite the negatives that came out of the game. I am. intrigued at how they're going of. Mork Daniel Jones in any line manning out and how. convinced they are that they need to do that I'm intrigued by all of that but I don't need to see it you know I'm not going to see it tomorrow and..

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