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Into Columbia new trouble reported to be on twenty nine northbound has sounded like a tortoise just arrived on the ramp to westbound one seventy five one broken down at a gas along the right side on the ramp from twenty nine north to west on one seventy five up in Frederick County Thurmond fifteen north as you head up between lower road and warned or frauds we got word of debris in the roadway state highway crews were sent there to look for to seventies good Frederick south toward the lane divided north and south bound for that matter we're quite between the Belize on ninety five in the Baltimore Washington parkway there's work in the district north west New York Avenue between third street tellin first St left lane blocked both ways I believe metropolitan police are on scene if not D. dot constitution Avenue and fourteenth street northwest lights they're flashing red in all directions so please treat that as a four way stop tidal basin closures remain in effect freeway both directions the ramp to U. S. park police closed westbound freeway leading third street tunnel that ran to main Avenue also blocked independence Avenue is closed between Ohio driving fourteen again this is all the tidal basin closures that we had an issue in Woodbridge earlier unclear if it's been rectified route one down at the intersection with Mary's way Mount Pleasant drive those lights have been dark so unclear police are directing hopefully signal shoppers there and trying to effect repairs ninety five three ninety five sixty six moving well sixty six headed west leaving about way out near fifty Fairfax that long term work is indeed blocking a left lane that's going to be in place twenty four seven heads up on the rails reports from mark brands retain eight seventy eight running about fifteen to twenty minutes behind due to prior unscheduled speed restrictions **** business is the trusted experts for all things business technology with.

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