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The news this morning any buyer and nick palmer well the as are regrouping and considering their options to build a new ballpark in oakland kcbs has making goals visas says the one of those options includes buying the coliseum site from the city and county as president dave cavill says this doesn't mean they're making a promise to build a new stadium on the land where they've played since nineteen sixty eight however well you know obviously with this setback at peralta in december and with some of the headwinds and howard we think it's really important for us own our own home and control our destiny in oakland owning accounts complex he says the team has sent their proposal in a letter to the county of alameda and the city of oakland which jointly oh about one hundred and thirty five million dollars on that property with challenges with the ballpark the fact that there's a lot of community engagement that timing how long it's taken is made us feel that a big move like this is necessary for success of course there's also word of other potential developers sniffing around the area which also includes oracle arena oakland mayor libby schaaf has responded to the proposal with a statement saying quote i'm excited to work with the as in their commitment to stay in oakland and build a privately financed ballpark we look forward to reviewing analyzing and considering their offer megan gold speak kcbs the creators of bothe rock napa valley will be hosting smaller two day music festival of biard cohn winery in september this anoma harvest music festival in glen ellyn will feature the brothers head and the heart z ward the lakes lake st dr.

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