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Doing the things that we know will help them. But that is an absolute fact. Thanks for asking that question. All right at capers. Here's another one for you. Professional diversity has no bearing on addressing healthcare disparities. That's absolutely false. So it's been shown now healthcare disparities which is an interest of mine. Which by the way. I'll give a shot up to serena co-authored review paper on racial healthcare disparities in cardiology some years ago and she was an absolutely fantastic co author. It is multifactorial when i say healthcare disparities. I'm talking about when two groups of people with the same diagnoses get different levels of treatment. Get different levels of quality evidence based care that kind of healthcare disparity is a real embarrassment to our healthcare system. That is something that really drives me to do. So much of what. I do well as multifactorial so in a lecture that i've been given to i you. Medical students for over a decade now and radio was in those lectures. We talk about healthcare disparities. And then i'll put up a blank slide and we say now. Let's come up with a list. A list of potential culprits. And then. I'll put another sides in a. Let's come up with a list of potential action items so that we can get over these healthcare disparities and i only say that i mentioned that just because there really are many things at least healthcare disparities but there is no doubt greg that one of them is a lack of diversity amongst providers and some of that leads back to the question that i was just asked about patients of color having evidence based care. That is more likely to happen if we have more minority physicians. You know that really speaks to this. Wonderful conversation. Recording just shared with dr princess brewer in. She talked about this amazing impact. She's having with a program called faith partnering with community churches in communities of color to improve and enhance preventive measures. You know she's doing this. The community based participatory research in..

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