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Fully so you the on it we've got jimmy hick can we use him for something can we experiment to show what kind of human keys he's senstive to yeah one very easy way to demonstrate that if he allows us to is to simply basically point at a certain point in the room a case i'm just gonna produce appointing gesture and i'm going to also look in a certain direction and then he will respond to that by following my pointing gesture jimmy look at me lick me oh clever boy so you liana disappointed at pointed in a certain direction and he will now follow that cue and sort of such in that area that i pointed to why is that unusual for animals dogs seemed to stand out in their ability to do that so we've tried this with many other animals including chimpanzees our closest living relative said chimpanzees do not attend to these kinds of community canvas gestures coming from humans they ignore them they're just not relevant for them but for talks their relevant so dogs as a result of domestication have really adapted to reading these kinds of communicative queues coming from humans there's definitely something about them said of we've changed them in some sense though they have freely evolved adapted to respond to our communication to lead us to understand us juliana kamensky ending at report by mony chesterton now to restore that entertained many people when the news of this research broke earlier in the year what are these two people having common science holds the king tour survival was planet and our security and prosperity is a nation while i think it's about today's society you know this is not disturb pean future that's a long way off this is a story that could be happening now so that was the actor emma watson amd before her mother former us president barack obama well vittori go can explain what do they have in common vic where without trying to get away rejects about barak obama airmont they can be recognised iron i'm sorry i am they can be recognised by sheep so this is a test carried out by research is in the uk looking at to see if sheep could recognize celebrity faces oh essentially distinguish between two different human faces from a photograph and it turns out they coun.

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