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Sports thing is Eric research joining me now and what we got there well Brian day coaches and some players spoke to the media today in the theme was how the Buckeyes going to avoid complacency how are they going to avoid that the you know the story you know start now where they're blown out opponents right X. than the country so damn good favored to win the big ten everybody it has a lot of good things to say about Ohio state for a young team that that can get them to over look at I guess is really the only word you could use describe what's going to happen our what could happen going into a game where their favored by forty points on that's this Saturday against Miami of Ohio at three thirty and so coach day Justin fields and company really hard on that they're just trying to get better off of the Indian again there watching the game tape fields who missed ten throws fourteen to twenty four in that game says he could have done a lot of things better Ryan day echoed those sentiments but that was one Damon are naked with a ninety six yard pick six late in the game against the Hoosiers who didn't say that they're gonna learn from what they did but he says he's looking forward to what's going to happen at the end of the season I'm just excited because that thing we going to Natty enough I'm just speaking at NC existence I'm just excited because I have great teammates. the Natty the national champ the Buckeyes as of yesterday well I just got slides. I don't think so I I think Ryan day once told once the players to be themselves and I think that's a genuine from Damon Arnett and I think as a senior as as a guy who gave for he could on the NFL last year he didn't came back I I think in the that's he's fine with that and again the Buckeyes have the third best odds right now to make the college football playoff for Ohio state they just need to win all of their games again that that continues this Saturday against Miami of Ohio next Saturday night against Nebraska Ford on to Michigan state just take it we get a time for the Buckeyes and I think they'll be just fine in terms of cost will play out because I see one team in the big ten and that's in the big ten west much Wisconsin that can give them fits so I like the honesty from Damon Arnett I like the fact that he's got faith that they can win the national championship because of his teammates in that echoes what you've heard from a lot of these Buckeyes so it it it seems like the program right now is in good hands and I and again I think that what well I'm not as confident as Josh is thinking that they'll have the spread covered by halftime I think it'll be something that it's gonna be a blow out you're gonna see Justin fields in the second half of Saturday's game against the not so red hawks from the central Ohio Honda dealer sports desk Eric research news radio six ten WTVN..

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