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Great American. Let's continue. We never stopped. Simply continue in about an hour, So we're gonna have Tony Bender. Good friend should be here. Which is course Governor Mike DeWine about what's going on. Two o'clock or so will carry that for you live as long as it is interesting and newsworthy. But until then, last night, the school board got together and essentially said nothing and a babbling, incoherent sense. Sounds like a radio talk show host. In which they decided in a week to take up the issue when to start school or not to start school, But they also said last night that athletics can proceed non contact sports Maybe this week and then football whatever next week, but none other emails were out this morning to give us different information. Nicole Frederick, who's a concerned parent and a mentor with Withrow High School, the home of the Tigers. I was online. I think for 4.5 hours it was a virtual meeting. Of course. It was too dangerous for the school board to get together. 6 ft apart. It was too much danger. But Nicole Frederick, welcome again in the Bill Cunningham show Nicole, How are you? I'm doing great. How are you doing? Well this afternoon talk to me about I kind of got in and got out. I couldn't take it anymore. Kind of give us the overview After 4.5 hours of babbling what Score school board family decide to do If anything, it was like it was like a comedy show. It was exhausting. Um, well after 4.5 hours, they would touch on it and they would go back and you know all this other business talk about it. Finally, at the end, it was approaching 11 o'clock at night, and they decided to say that CPS sports could move forward. Okay, So I'm very, very excited the relief and you could just hear the kids just so excited. You know, all across the city that this was happening, but they even then it was very confusing on exactly what they were saying. I believe there was an email that went out this morning to clarify it. Basically they're allowing the CPS athletic teams to do, um, inter district competitions, meaning they could only play schools within the district. This tweak ifyou're a contact sport may clarify noncontact starting play whoever they want your tennis your cross country. Those people your contact like your field hockey football. Those guys Interdistrict this week and interscholastic starting next week, and so at this point is I understand. On Friday night with Rose not going to play a condor taps not gonna play Schroeder. Or are they? That is a district so, yes, they would be allowed to play someone because those air CPS schools this Friday night, then starting next Friday night, which really affect schools like Walnut Hills and Clark because they are in different leagues that Include schools outside of the district. Your Withrow, You're Taft. You're huge. Your Woodward. They all are part of the C. Max. So they play each other anyway. Um, but The other schools would then be able to get back into their competition, your wallet and your Clark so nobody knows. Essentially, you think the E Mail's Today there may be games Friday night likely and maybe more likely games next Friday night. But in the meantime, scholastically, which is academically we're told by every expert in the world that Kenny Garden to the third or fourth grade, are critical in a child's education. As faras reading computing getting into the regiment and the regiment of Educational pursuit of excellence. What is the status of a 1st 2nd 3rd 4th grader at CPS. For the last six months or more. They've been out of school. No money can actually say honestly, not even Tony Bender. That river kind of remote learning works. You can teach a second grader and a dysfunctional environment and CPS. You can't teach that kid how to read because it doesn't work remote. What is the status of remote learning? Would CPS as we speak? That was also a big, muddy water. Last night, they went back and had a lot of discussion. I know that one of the members Messer he actually has younger Children in the system, and he was the first one to voice a big concern about how hard it was for him. And he even said, I have the resources to hire somebody. And he did hire a tutor to help during the day with his young Children, and that tutor quit and said, I can't do this. This is too hard. I can't do it. And so you can imagine someone has the resources to have this extra help. Come in. How the hell are other people in the district getting their young Children to learn how to read? In other words, that is not in all fairness that is not happening. And there's about 6000 kids and CPS in the district who have been disconnected for six months. They're likely to be disconnected for the foreseeable future for a long time, which means there'll be no reading learned, which means the problems caused by the school board here is unbridled. Is there any indication next Monday? That CPS will open it up completely. The answer, of course, is no correct. They have three choices. Open completely or secondly, a little bit in a little bit out, or thirdly, stay remote. You got any gleaning from any of the five school board members? Is it five or seven? I think it's 77. They were all remote, You know, never know who was talking in anyone. Point. Is there a sense? The best That could be his two days in and three days out. They went back and forth, kicking that whole thing around. You're right. There are these different choices, but the president Caroline Jones, She made a point somewhere during their to say..

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