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You know i i think you're going to i'm not sure you're gonna see a trend because skies once again for the nba is no recruiting it's just coaching it's relationships it's obviously you occurring free agents but let's let's just name a couple of quin snyder he was in college basketball got kind of his hand slapped up missouri but look he's got a charisma about him he's got a passion about him he's a terrific coach he understands the college game book put check marked next day up quit saturday lots watson runs and au proberber successfully program he's the kid head coach of phoenix suns played ucla he understands the culture of college basketball bam put a check marked next to him and you know here's the deal avery johnson's is great he's got the personalities got the energies got the passion and then he did is really smart thing he higher drawn pelfrey who is a former head coach at arkansas system to billy donovan if you're gonna make that jumping you haven't had that college experience id kelly one you better higher and assistant coach that understands the business of college basketball because the business of college basketball is very different than the business of the nba so it's not just the accident owes but how you acquire town how you develop town how you deal with the boosters how do you deal with compliance have you deal with academics jason kidd would be a guy to me because of who he is in his personality and his you know how how players can respond to him if he had the right assistant coaches he'd be sucked very successful david fizz they'll another one at memphis right now i think david played san diego i don't think i believe in the grizzlies anytime soon but he's got a way about him that i think is is really good so i think there's more guys than you realize that could have success in transition to me the whole key is going to be will they hire an assistant coach that understands the culture and the business of college basketball.

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