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In fact, he gave the eulogy at Rod's funeral and and Roddenberry was very aware of if not for twilight zone, you couldn't have had Star Trek, and and he cast it's funny because the first pilot a pilot for starts, I called the cage was actually shot in nineteen sixty four and star Jeffrey hunter as captain pike. And it didn't sell the show. And so they ordered a second pilot. And that's when they got Shatner, and and the chemistry between William Shatner, and Leonard nimoy and force Kelly and the rest of the cast, it just was magical, and you could see it from the beginning. From the first episode aired you just knew that these people were unforgettable. And and they stayed on forgettable all these decades five fifty years as you said, Mark, I also had on not the original. But I had lean Blaylock on and tell you know, bleach on both of them. Great great folks by what's really fascinating, again is that Roddenberry when he came up with Star Trek the next generation he showed that it was the university created, and you could have other actors, and it will continue to be successful. And now with the new Star Trek movies a new Star Trek series. It's coming down the it's really got legs. And and it's it's such an amazing amazing university plan. I mean, having having come up with stories for captain Picard, and for quark and all these other characters I can speak to just how how vibrant all these characters are. And how wonderful these actors are again, I'm working with them both in the Star Trek universe. And in space command Robert Cardo in a number of the Star Trek actors, I'm continuing to work with just because these are phenomenally talented people. And and when you meet them, you just say gosh, I don't I don't want it to end. I just wanna keep keep working with these guys. How would you compare the Star Trek series to the Star Wars star? Wars film, filming. Yeah. You know? It's funny. They're very different. I think you know, I personally I as much as I like Star Wars, my I much prefer Star Trek. And I think it's much deeper in its rumination on the real world. I think it's got a lot more profound insight. I think that clearly it's lasted fifty years. So a lot to speak to it and the beyond that, I think that because it was started during a time of great turmoil. It wasn't escapism that was really commenting on the on the real world in a very innovating meaningful way. And because again, just with rod sterling on twilights, and we went into science fiction. Avoid censorship. Roddenberry? The exact same thing Star Trek. And the other thing was keys Star Wars is science fantasy settings galaxy long ago far far away. It's not meant to be a future that we're going to aspire to or reach with Star Trek was very much. This is a future that really something. We might someday be able to accomplish. And when you look at cell phones when you look at all. And now, we have I mean, I think when we talk about my cell phone is a Tri quarter because I can access the world's the World Wide Web. I can watch movies and TV shows on it. It's it's much more like a try quarter than a communicator. Because it has all these things that can do that that Roddenberry predicted in Star Trek, it's phenomenal. Where were or are some of the writers of Star Trek today? Well, you know, these were the greatest writers on television. You know, when I saw the original Star Trek, my heroes were those writers. And and Roddenberry was smart enough. He did exactly what what what rod sterling done, which is he reached out to the science fiction writers. And so that first season starts at you Harlan. Ellison wrote city on the edge of forever amazing piece of work. George Clayton Johnson. Logan's run in twilight zone. Richard Matheson, who again, did I am legend many, great pieces of work on and on DC Fontana a great writer, David. Gerald did troubles triples, many of these writers are still with us a DC Fontana Harlan. Ellison, David, Gerald. I've just seen them recently. And there's still in many cases, they're still writing. They're still active Harlan is an amazing writer, an amazing, man. I just brilliant..

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