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Just like said christmas sa got say about that as well. Yeah you know lower. Say much he can talk to mark. Mark my voice is deep and people. Like yeah i got you very well set low and the final game that. We're going to discuss the lakers and suns in the western conference. This suns take game one chris. Paul play pretty good. Lebron james lebron james. I still think the lakers are gonna take this series and six or seven. Even though the sons devon booker and chris paul they played really good. Give him brooker. Played really really good and i just talked about stars making a name for themselves in the playoffs. This opportunity for devon booker to make a name for himself. Because this game right here. If you didn't who brooker was you found out in his game who booker was 'cause he played absolutely great thirty. Four points eight assists. So i look for dinner brooklyn to continue to do this. And hey man if he continued to do that with the communist and chris paul this might be even higher seed. Most people are picking the lakers upsetting making. But i still think the league's witnesses six or seven so you're gonna say what's chess are you. Picking the lakers lakers okay. Man just like everybody else is bigger than legacy bill. Something we're picking. I'm just trying to get them credit for what they're doing very young team. Coming up. devon booker did not get a lot of respect in the game because to him as a star but this is a chance for him to make a name for himself in the players. Don't do me. Chris devon booker clearly star. Nba there's no doubt about that. He proved that in the bubble last year. And really what he's been doing since he's been with the sons. The lakers dropped game one. What's new we all know. Lebron james uses game. One is a field out game. It the lakers job game. do then. i'm and that don't see that happening. I've been the legs gonna take this series and five or six games. The suns played incredible. And i gotta say this has been so good to see the fans in the stadium when a three pointers dropped in the crowd is going wild man not not manufactured noise either actual crowded off watching that suns game in here in the way. The crowd going on in the phoenix fans deserve. That i've been. I've watched games in that arena. The rena is beautiful is old be real is old but it is. It is a nice arena. Eneg there some good loyal fans men. The phoenix fans are loyal. So it was good to see them watch. Their basketball team. Had that type of game on abc. Send offer for them because that's the last time they're going to cheer them. Winning a game in zero. Chris mueller man so chris. Paul didn't have very good game. And you don't want that. I mean i'm looking at his stat line right there i mean. He's only had eight assists but devon booker really took over the game. I think it'd be really really interesting to see how far the sons able to push the lakers. If i'm the phoenix suns. I'm their head coach. I'm saying look we're putting we're being physical with bron. James and anthony. Day was very physical with these guys. There are superstars will be physical. We're gonna make them work for everything as they're just coming off injuries. I'm to i'm going to take the suns in this series because i think it'll be chess chelsea. I'm gonna take the some of the series just. Because i i'd like to see them. Continue to produce in the playoff. I'd see how far this teams they will go out. So i'm going to take the sons. The la lakers champs. You gotta beat the champ. The it is what it is. Both guys anthony davis lebron james. They're healthy on the game contributions from the bench and from the the rest of the row player contribution. So naturally that's going to be everyone's pick. I won't be upset or i to be taken aback at the lakers went right. But i'm going to go with the sons here. Just because i wanna see the what the number two seed you know. Maintain what they are and make a run in the playoffs. I'm taking all so low. Taking this need a drug test we need to drug as low as saying in the first round not one but both. La teams are to be out. I just want the clippers lakers out. It's possible and limited to and some things on the show and guess what it has happened. He has happened. So i'm saying much as i am backing down baby back down. Let chris intimidates you talk about you know. Hey tim nate you so you got two sons mean. Chris got the lakers real quick. We're gonna talk about the hawks in next. We're recording during. The game is halftime right now. Hawks are to take the knicks. I'm gonna keep this magic carpet ride going with the knicks. They're going to win this series and move onto the next round. Who you got chris. Oh man this is this great series so you have the new york knickerbockers versus the atlanta hawks. This is amazing. This is one of those series that you waited all eighty two games plus seventy this rando trae young. You have these two teams going back and forth. But i don't care one game this series zero to me zero to me because nothing in the grand scheme of things but i do like what time with new york and i'm happy for trae young. I really am have you guys. But i'm not watching this. Who you taking their. If you're not gonna watch it. I'll take care i'll go with. The knicks got a corn corn flow. A on any new york or atlanta hawks pairs. And this is the podcast. Please those listening because they while the other day we. I care about the gate little talk. Be talking about this. A new york. Like i've mentioned in the good the bad ugly. They are back in the playoffs. Atlanta to is in the playoffs as well. Too young teams are going at it is going to be a very entertaining series because we have two of these teams battling out. This might be low key. The most one the more entertaining series in the whole of the playoffs. Yes really oakley yes. A fourth and fifth seagoing netted. I do think near on win this series in maybe six or seven so i think they're to pass the next round on those guys do this top stop 'cause atlanta atlanta fans near turned off by you right now this all right so the jazz and the grizzlies over in the western conference one-seat versus the a seed idea jazz going to take care of the grizzlies. Okay care by says it's going to be four or five games. John mirant if he does go super san. It won't matter. The jazz are built for the series. They are going to demolish the grizzlies in my opinion. And it's going to be four five games. Upset alert set alert. I'm going with the memphis. Grizzlies series with the caveat that dominant michio. I don't think he's healthy. I'll just say i do not think donovan mitchell. He's not healthy. If he's not healthy chris then it will be more consensus but yeah going gweat glutton and and that's really what i'm talking about. I don't think he's healthy. He has an ankle injury. If he's not healthy the grizzlies are gonna take this six.

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