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With the senior bowl going down mobile, Alabama. You got the forty Niners in the raiders coaching staff. It's kinda cool. We're getting a lot of coverage of these seniors that are playing ball. But the same time we're getting some some drama from the to bay area teams or or one of the bay area teams in the forty Niners and the other team in limbo in the Oakland Raiders. Yesterday on Twitter started yesterday morning on I take and we'll get to the sound here. We'll start with the we'll start with Jon Gruden sound there. Malcolm what happened was yesterday? We actually had this piece of sound. This sound is from the day before yesterday. So this piece of sound is from Jon Gruden from Tuesday at senior bowl practice. He did his data hit with the media. And basically, you know, the Oakland Raiders are sitting here with the number four draft pick questions, you know, there were there were debates this year about whether or not after Gruden came in and things weren't working out. Would he trade? Derek Carr was Derek Carr working for his system. And it seemed by the end of the season cards, sorta figured it out figured out that system a little bit better had a better grasp of it. And there were times this year. I mean, you know, you go back to the Browns game. There are a handful of games you can look at this year where the raiders played awful resell some flashes of brilliance, but also some questions about whether or not. Jon Gruden is ready to coach in the NFL again. So with the number four pick. And I think if Al Davis was still alive. It would be a lock that the raiders were going after collar Murray is had a fair statement. I think I think that's the prototypical Al Davis move wants to go get the the the fast athletic. I don't remember when they took Darius Hayward bay. What's the hell was that? Well, he's fast more guys like shuffling their papers during the draft voice fast. And he's leading that was that was about all we got raiders you still ended up with Michael Crabtree later on and you were bummed about that. But you take a look at this. Derek Carr thing yesterday. Well, we'll sorry we'll start with the senior bowl thing Jon Gruden yesterday or two days ago mixed comments about the quarterback position. And I think everybody's reading into it a whole lot. I used to think that a lot until I saw drew Brees twice a year and tapa then I met Russell Wilson coming out of NC state. And I'm watching.

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