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This is what Cook do you. I'm Brooke Shelley, and thanks for listening. So have you on the podcast to have tiffany Jackson? Whose other such books as let me HEAR RHYME Monday's not coming in allegedly her newest book. Grown is out now. I'm so excited to finally get the chance to talk to Tiffany. So listen in. So tiffany what book hooked you? You know. It's funny because of course like. I as Pistons chi-chi's and. You're on to the title itself because. You can interpret hooked. So many different ways ray it could be like the first page got sure it could be the book that you just can't stop thinking about out or it could be your child book that you loved and stop. So I am going to go with a such a fun age by read which is not a way. is an adult book, but it was one of those books that I read earlier this year that you know I just wasn't expecting it to me. So long I have been thinking about this on and off the specialty throughout you know. Throughout the pandemic quite frankly and throughout the protests and rise and I. Can't thinking about the ALCOM and I know that sounds really big. It's one of those books that that's exactly what it's like. It's. Tap to read it to really feel like unease about every single character that's in the book except for the children, the children are always the bystanders but I really love it and it was of leathers books that even though it isn't adult book I fully. Feel like teens especially can read it really grasp the concepts. And so I think I've heard of the title title's ring a bell but can you tell me anything about like what the books about? Sure. So Gosh That's kind of the right because. That there is no leg like I don't know if there's like a law glider elevator pitch but basically, it's about. This family is white family hires a babysitter and one night. She has an issue with whether the children when she brought her out to go shopping and it was a question of whether that child you know. Whether she. She belonged bat child and it sort of brings about ideas of race and privilege and class, and you know best quote unquote best intentions So I guess that's Kind of the best way to describe trump. With some very big but crepe lake the. You step into the book and you just run right into the accent immediately Which starts with you know the babysitter bringing the white child to the store, and then you know this incident Kinda ensues and the story clearly starts from there and you have the father who comes and like claims the child you know the mother who set the babysitter up and then your babysitter to and it really It's..

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