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On for you just like, I'm Jay Jay's having a private signing for me in Tampa. Didn't know about that. Fun weight, and I knew about that. But I have, you know, the ground. So I mean you know what's great about this talk is that we've barely talked about wrestling, and I that's. I mean, that's, that's a good thing. I think you know, because you have so much more on the go. And when I really loved the way you put it because it's very similar, and how I try to look at things is that I played a character on TV and that character was evolved in wrestling, but Adam is a completely different thing altogether. It was it was a skin that I put onto perform, and then I took it off once I walked through the curtain, and it it's I think it's a healthy way to be able to segue out of the industry at a certain point, because like you said is not going to last forever. You get to a certain point you get to a certain age. They don't have anything for you. Whatever it is. And if that is your entire identity, it is gonna be very hard transition into real life. And it's, it's refreshing to hear you say that, you know, that, that, that wrestling, and Debbie isn't it isn't the Bill dole? It's great plant. Form and you've used it as a great platform, and it's just it's really refreshing to hear man. I I'm always, you know. Like, I say prior to WWE always did a lot of different things because one, I just love learning love, you know, working with people from all different types of walks. Right. But it's of networking to you meet people, and, and now the sun, the door that you never even thought about, you know, nobody if somebody would ever told me that I would be in a venture capitalist group. First foremost me, like, what, what, what hell is that, you know, and then to, to know that I can generate wells by being in this group, and it's not an instant, not an instant wealth..

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