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W. I. S. anymore Billingsley definite show Jerry bought in for mark who's taken presidents day off he's back tomorrow big deal going on the state of Virginia with regard to second amendment rights and the Democrats that they won control of both houses of the Virginia legislature and the the governor's mansion remember a governor blackface Ralph Northam is sitting there and in Virginia they they thought the mandate was to have this big gun control a set of pieces of legislation a big gun control initiative which is resulted in a massive black backlash in owed state Virginia a small victory for the second amendment today in Virginia a bill got backed by Ralph north of the governor that would have banned the sale of assault style weapons in Virginia failed on a vote in committee this morning sending back one of the biggest priorities for newly minted Democrat controlled government in the state of Virginia this according to an article from fox news a crowd of gun rights activist packed into the committee room they cheered as the boat came in with for moderate Democrats joining Republicans to shelve the bill until next year heated exchanges over guns have dominated this year's legislative session in Virginia get this how big of a deal is this in some of the more rural counties in Virginia part of the fox article here good says as the debate over stricter gun laws rages on this in the state capital Richmond West Virginia lost not Virginia West Virginia lawmakers have signed a new legislation that would accept revolting Virginia counties and towns that want to join West Virginia the good and the extra few Virginia counties that were upset West Virginia delegate Gary hold discusses new legislation and if he agrees with some critics that perhaps a simple for her his brewing yell out in the state of Virginia Whitney Evans is a reporter for a local NPR affiliate in Virginia reporter that democratic senator Louise Lewis said quote you bunch of wimps at quarter after the vote results came in the assault weapons bill which was more moderate than previous proposals to all right ban possession of assault rifles or force owners to register them with police could not get the moderate Democrats needed to offer their support for to pass now here's why this is important much like Wisconsin in Virginia when you get away from the urban lefty centers of suburban Washington DC like Arlington Virginia Richmond the state capital and nor folk which is located right on the ocean the rest of the state is pretty much deep red in the twenty nineteen Virginia legislative elections there were a relatively large number of lefty Democrats who won in swing districts or even districts that have been historically conservative this was sort of the trunk backlash dynamic that pushed left YVR voter turnout in Virginia extraordinarily high now with the next set of Virginia legislative elections coming up in twenty twenty one these lefties from those swing districts are gravitating towards the posture that almost all politicians take which is the posture of saving their own jobs some of these Democrats realize that the radicals and a second amendment agenda that's been pursued in Virginia is deeply deeply deeply unpopular if you are gonna stand for we didn't elect you to go take away our guns in essence in other words what we are seeing in Virginia we saw this board and committee today was a show of force by conservatives and that show force has the lefties modifying their position and that's a very good thing may it spread across America for twelve newstalk eleven thirty W. I. ascent in the middle or the program we're gonna talk with the travesty among other things the travesty of Edgar became not facing federal charges it's time for rapid traffic.

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