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But you know well. It's the spike. Lee Joins US his latest film and it tells the story of four Vietnam. Vets all. African American overturning to Vietnam. And on the cover, the point of the visit find the remains of one of their platoon members who was killed in action back in nineteen seventy one but also a little more clandestine. They're also trying to find buried treasure that they had put their that they had found back in the seventies and smuggle that back home I just sort of like the launching point for it I actually deals that they lot of different things. Deals with you know the race relations within the G is you know the way the black jazz retreated different than the way she is just the the relationship between America in Vietnam back then during the war, but even today when they go back and they find. Of course, everybody's still has deep wounds from the war, both the people living in Vietnam and and themselves. One of the main characters played by Delroy Lindo he's got severe. PTSD guilt issues that have never been dealt with, and so of course it's him dealing with that throughout just how dealing with his friends and the situation. I have to say it's IT'S A. Spike Lee really choose off a lot in this movie. He bites off a lot of issues. It's not just like a one One dimensional film. There's a lot of stuff going on and I think he manages it really well. It's a fascinating look at sort the perceptions of the time, and and from back from the seventies to now and And dealing with all like all these little nuances to the plot I was really fascinated with it. Perceptions of the time I find that fascinating that there's not outcry. As there was with gone with the wind after Hbo Max Pulled It, and now gone with the wind has hit number one on the Amazon, bestsellers chart. Everybody wants to see gone with the wind now. It's funny about that. I have my own little thing on that Hbo Max which which has a lot of the warner brothers catalog including with the wind They made a big. You know release about. Hey, we're GONNA. Pull along with the wind and we're going to put it back up when we have something that that talks about the cultural. Aspect.

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