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And they're all they're all sleeping around the block for a different reason yeah to get work right job and I think they open up the entries for the unions all that kind of a camp out there did you see it today where they are a big shout out maybe a couple of my listening to us who knows where Tom I Jessica Simpson's birthday today she's thirty nine John did you know that Jessica is a billionaire yeah I know she's had some good management yeah yeah a self made billionaire yeah it's mostly from her clothing and shoes and I'm also sensory pretty much all yeah albums in Houston TV shows it was funny because you know I have I had a friend at that time whose work and for Macy's he is running Macy's yeah okay and and he told me is is you won't believe it Jessica Simpson Monticello shoes in our store and we want you want to give us the you know the advance right showing and all that kind of this and give her a break she was nice because she agreed to be in some of the Macy's TV ads sheller yeah I remember those so that was like a you know there it is you know that's how it all started with those big stilettos that she always used to wear and she designed some or helped with the design and then it just spread into all kinds of accessories and clothing and she's having a validation thing about it is is usually when someone does a deal like this they you know they go ahead the company that makes the shoes and signs them for that particular job they they did them that's it the commercials and she lay across them yeah I actually got involved in the design of the shoes and all that and they're very affordable and they're people I come yeah the good stuff you know so wide and so more power to her she has done a great job made a lot of money a lot smarter than we thought she was when she appeared on the newlyweds show on MTV course according to John Mayer she's also sexual napalm we have forgot about that no wonder Nick Schenk she's got it all going on yeah got it all when she did that show she was married to Nicole Shea let go of this area was seen in sync no no ninety eight ninety eight degrees and ninety eight degrees right right and there's a famous scene from that show where she was having some sort of snack check.

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