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You might want to check his John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I used this for my podcast. It's in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. And they're talking about how cleaning fluids in the house. Kill a few good bacteria, which contributes to obesity and metabolic syndrome. It's really I have a podcast up right now on our website. I think we have about 150 podcast. She might want to check it out. One of the podcast is all those household cleaning fluids are Clint here? Good bacteria, Because what's happening now People are super sanitizing their house for the Corona virus. And if you win Hill the the fumes from those cleaning fluids like the fantastic and the Windex, etcetera, the tile X. It gets into your system and it kills your good back. Turn the beat back Turn takeover on then your immune system starts to falter. But there's also now we know this to be riel. The gut brain axis. I've actually done a podcast on the to the gut Brain axis. The bacteria in our colon. Let me explain. She'll talk to you. You've heard of kneels to grass irritation, de astrophysicist. Very charming, entertaining. I okay. I read a book by him called Astrophysics for people in a hurry. It was a fun book. It's really an easy read. In any event in one chapter. It astounded me what he said, because I didn't learn this when I took biology and biochemistry, etcetera, he said when he was in Ah ah I think it was biology. His teacher told him. There's more bacteria living in a square centimeter of your intestines than the number of people that ever lived on Planet Earth. Okay, one square Centimeter is smaller than a square inch. So that's true if you have 100 Trillion bacteria, which is the recent estimate. Square inches. Goingto have trillions of of your colon is goingto have trillions of bacteria? That's more than the number of people that ever were born on Planet Earth. So it tells you who's really in charge. So it turns out the bacteria and your intestines interacting you're with your brain. Very powerfully. First of all, researchers from the University of Virginia and researchers from the University of Cork. About five years ago, I found out a new organ, they discovered a new organ. Part of the lymphatic system goes directly from your intestines up into your brain. That means if there's inflammation that's starting any intestines. It goes right into your brain. So that means if you have been a lot of bad bacteria, and they're in charge, it's inflaming your brain. So that's the first lesson Thie. Second lesson is If you have good bacteria, they're calming down the immune system that helps prevent the inflammation. That occurs with aging and bring that occurs with diabetes and a brain that occurs with auto immune diseases of the brain that occurs what alcoholism or smoking cigarettes or inhaling pollutant. Now The second thing is when you have good bacteria, and you eat good food like the Mediterranean diet, one of those superb diets. I follow a Mediterranean diet almost exclusively. Um, all the fibers in those foods the siege to notch the lettuce in the salad, The vegetables, the fresh fruit, whole Grange. All of the fibers are fermented by the bacteria on day Release three Really important assets. The first ass shit. Is Piru Vic Acid on Pyro Vic Acid is used as a meter by your brain. In other words, If you're eating food, the brain can measure the amount of pyro Vic acid in your intestines. And if it's too little, the brain says, Keep on eating. You're hungry. But if there's enough, the brain says, Oh, well, I'm using a pirate broadcast of the cage the amount of food you ate, and now I'm going to shut down your appetite because you've obviously eaten enough. So when you eat good food, and you have good bacteria, your appetites under control because you're really sufficient pyro forecasted that Ed assuages your home your hunger You are satisfied. You're satiated. You no longer need any food, So you're not picking in between meals on you're going to be healthier. The second acid. They make his lactic acid, which kills bed bacteria and give some energy to the intestines on the third. One is incredibly important. That's called beautification. Dieterich acid is used in the colon to normalize the colon souls to help prevent polyps and crones disease in colliders and all of those terrible diseases of the colon outhouse prevent colon sulfur, mutating and getting damaged because there's a lot of inflammatory things and you're calling all the time because that's where the pope is right. The second thing is, um the beauty rate the beauty Erica should made by the good bacteria When you eat good food gives energy to the colon toe absorbed minerals for your bones and to control your blood sugar and digest your food and everything like sank like magnesium like calcium. The third thing is Butera casted gives energy to the colon for the immune system to kill viruses and bacteria and parasites in certain stranger, yeast, etcetera, But the last thing is beauty. Eric Acid literally gets into your system on repairs. Your blood brain barrier. This is the most recent research. This is amazing. Actually. Theater Erica should only last for a flash. You gotta have a consistent source of bitter cash. Did you have to eat three healthy meals A day on DH have good bacteria and all day long to good bacteria are fermenting the fiber in the colon. Releasing small amounts of you Turkish in that has been shown to repair. Your blood brain barrier. So what's that? Well, all of your blood vessels have some level of insulation made out of college. With age thes things struck to break down the insulation in the blood vessel wall starts to break down so by the Hartnell leads to heart disease, but in the brain at real, each to damage in the brain because the brain has extra insulation is called the blood brain barrier and prevents things from exiting the blood and getting into the brain because let's face it if you had a bacteria and your toll It's easy to treat an infection in your toll. But if you got that bacteria and your brain, it'll kill you. So there's extra insulation extra thickness in the blood vessels in the brain With age, they become weakened and leaky. Part of it is because you have less college. And so that's one more reason to take college in But it's just wear and tear from life. On when you have the good bacteria, their relation puta rate that helps prevent little micro tears in the blood brain barrier and actually helps protect your brain. Long term. They've shown that when you give certain.

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