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Today we're brought to you by shady ray's and honey, but we'll tell you about that later for now. Let's begin with what is and forever will be the over report. It's time for something new. We have 5 stories today. Starting with our number one, of course, a Nintendo direct happened yesterday. Of course, you can watch our live reactions to it and that our games cast post show, breaking down all our thoughts and feelings, but today we're gonna start off with a quick recap for you of that Nintendo direct and get into even deeper conversation. So yesterday, that direct started off with pikmin four that got a July 21st release date. Congrats Lakers head. Congrats Lakers head. We got a xenoblade expansion that's coming out February 15th. Samba day migo party central got revealed that is coming summer 2023. Fashion dreamer got revealed from X seed games. That is coming in 2023. Dead cells return to Castlevania got a trailer that has the dead cells DLC, where they return to Castlevania. That's coming out on March 5th with so much Castlevania music and remixes and just love and tender care. Love and tender care. We got Tron identity that's coming out in April. We got a new trailer for people. What's up? We got a new trailer for ghost trick phantom detective that's coming out this summer. A game I don't know about, but everybody is mad at me for not knowing apparently they're like, Imran and Jared petty. Love this thing. Hey, I get it. Those tricks infamously, the DS, one of my least favorite of the Nintendo generations and experiences overall. We'd beat agents notwithstanding. Deca police from level 5 games that got revealed as coming out in 2023. Bayonetta origins, Syriza in the lost demon or you may know it as bayonetta surveys of origins. That got an overview of its gameplay and that's coming out march 17th. Splatoon three expansion pass wave one ink opis got revealed that came out later yesterday. And then wave two got teased. That is called side order. Side order. Disney illusion island got a trailer that's coming on July 28th. Looks fucking awesome. Fire emblem. So Disney illusion island is the one I'm excited about. I keep getting mixed up with dream light valley, which Joey's really doing. Which joy is really excited about. Fire emblem engage got a new trailer for its expansion of the expansion features characters like chrome and Robin, wave two was out later yesterday. And you don't not game was revealed, harmony, the fall of reverie, that is coming out in June, and also was revealed to have a Lena raine OST and a really cool art style. This definitely seems like one for them of like, all right, we've done our thing for so long. People loved it. They did. But now let's try to go for a different audience. And I think they're going to succeed with that based on what we saw yesterday. And it feels like them trying to find an identity post life is strange, where now life is strange, of course, is owned by Square Enix. Deck 9 is working on the live streams games. A decline, I think it's found a really good identity with the live strange games after true colors. Kind of funny dot com slash wrong. I think don't know how to tell me why? I always get that confused 'cause now they make exactly what I thought. Now they make similar games, but I think donut is telling me why I don't not also did twin mirror twin mirror did not get good reception. But I see chat freaking out. It's crumb. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. All right, you fucking nerds. Show some fucking respect. Crumb. Oh no, yeah, crumb. Pro would have been a pro name. I'm just saying, his name should be chrome. Their name should be chrome, Google Chrome. Anyway, this new do not game harmony the follow reverie. It looks like a good next step for them. And then we got a Montage featuring octopath two. We got a demo out for that, of course, like we do with those games. We got a katamari remaster trailer with a game trial. See a star has got a date August 29th and the demo is out and then omega strikers is coming to switch and that got a trailer. Looked

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