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Arm and lost his right leg at Chicago but he didn't lose his fight. At. Five PM come orders an attack on John's position. Even though fighting Joe's men outnumber John's three to one, the blue coats can't dislodge the confederates from their lines. For three hours fighting. Joe's men launch dozens of uncoordinated confused attacks and according to one soldier quote. Nearly, everyone swearing top of his voice. Close quote. As night falls and severe thunderstorms roll in all fighting Joe has to show for the battle at New Hope Church is one thousand, six, hundred, sixty, five casualties. It takes another thirty six hours of skirmishing in heavy rain for comp to ascertain just what he's up against. Imagine five miles abreast works earthen works in a batty man by season confederate soldiers cutting through dense woods, ravines, ridges, and small creeks. And the red bearded union general can't find a weak spot along the entire line. Come figures best option is to get in between Joe Johnston and the Atlanta rail lines to the east. To do that he'll need to flank the northeast end of confederate lines at Pickett's mill. Union troops track over the disorienting terrain incessant thunderstorms trying to find the confederate flank there's supposed to attack one officer quips. No person can appreciate the difficulty of moving over this ground unless he can see it. When they finally reach their target, the confusion doesn't let up. At four thirty, five, PM Union General George Thomas Zeman launched their attack, their grey clad enemies fightback. According to one union officer, the southerners quote not only opened a murderous fire from their frontline works, but also terrible crossfire from both links. Close quote. George Thomas Has Yankee. Troops get slaughtered suffering sixteen hundred casualties. A survivor of the battle Pickett's mill will later write a memoir called the crime at Pickett's mill. The next morning. Joe Johnston. Gets word that union troops moving east out of the area. Joe Figures he has a chance to hit com while he's on the road and in an uncharacteristically offensive move joe takes it. He orders John Hood to attack or may twenty eighth, but the assault is a total disaster. The Yankees. Are Not on the road, but doug into well hidden earthworks in ready to fight. In a reversal of the battles tickets mill John's men bashed themselves against union lines to no avail. The confederates lose between one thousand and one, thousand, five, hundred men. Who? No Wonder Union troops call these three engagements combined the battle of the hell hole. The only union benefit from these four days of brutal fighting is that Federal Cavalry took the confederates former position Altoona pass while the rebels were distracted Dallas. With Blue Clad cavalry in the mountains, come marches men back to supply line seven miles south altoona to regroup. Meanwhile, Joe Pulls his men to a slave built stronghold at Pine Mountain. These two positions are only a couple miles apart in not more than twenty miles from Atlanta. After the disasters near, Dallas starts raining the first week of June doesn't let up for seventeen days. Comprises a letter to his boss and best friend Ulysses complaining that the rain comes down quote as though it has no intention ever to stop. Close quote. But the fallout union armies of the Cumberland, the Ohio and Tennessee are grateful for a reason to hunker down and rest for a minute. On, June fourteenth two days after receiving news of his son's birth. Would you heard about in the opening to comes as hard at work finding a way to break or flanked the confederate position? He reports quote. Johnston has sixty thousand infantry fifteen thousand cavalry in a good deal militia. He must have a terrific battle. and He wants to choose and fortify his ground. Close, quote. Union generals go on a scouting mission to find a weak spot in the nearby rebel position. Competence companions can see gray clad men walking along the ridge of Pine Mountain but the are too far away to see who these soldiers might be. It's a pretty bold move to stroll around and the open like that within range of federal artillery comp remarks. House awesome be are. The red headed general or suspend fire the forces enemy troops to take cover. COMP has no way of knowing that he just ordered his men to fire on confederate generals, Joe Johnston, William, Hardy, and Leonidas Polk and their staff. These guys are out on a recon mission of their own. From Pie Mountains, Ridge it can get a full view, the union positions without the dense Georgia forest blocking their line of sight. Then federal artillery opens up on. Joe And William Take Cover but LEO moves too slow leak Catholic Bishops turn general stands and open while his aides yell at him down. They watch in horror as a three inch ball lows through Nieto's chest hits a tree behind him and explodes. Leo's lifeless body drops to the ground. Once. The shelling ends Joe Crawls over to his dead comrade. weepy. I would rather anything then this. Joe Issues a statement. That afternoon informs men the loss of yet another confederate general it reads. Comrades you called them on your first captain, your oldest companion arms tenant. General Leonidas Polk. In, this distinguished leader, we have lost the most courteous gentlemen the most gallon of soldiers. Leo Soldiers and family mourn his loss. But history will be less kind to the Bishop General Historian Stephen Woodworth surmises quote. pokes incompetence had consistently hamstrung confederate operations west of the Appalachians his special relationship with the president made him untouchable. Close quote. Now doesn't know that he may have been better off with Leo alive rather than dead. He simply reports the chief of staff. Henry. How. Can Washington DC? We killed bishop bulk yesterday and have made good progress today. If by that, you mean watching the rebels retreat and other few miles to kennesaw mountain then yes general Sherman you have made. Good progress. Yeah once the balding confederate general scouted out the union position. He realized he would have a hard time defending Pine Ridge. So on June eighteenth. Minded Joe Orders Southern boys to pack up and move to a stronger position your kennesaw mountain two miles closer to Atlanta. No problem couple just do it. He's been doing this whole campaign skirt Joe's left Lincoln threatened his rear. Hey It worked Dalton and at Rusalka it could work again. Come plans to travel south around Kennesaw Mountain and then east to the confederate supply. Depot Maryetta. Maybe guys can hit a waterpark in Marietta get some relief from the Georgia summer heat. Just, Kidding Marietta hasn't bloomed into the bustling Atlanta suburb that you and I will know the twenty first century. Anyway on June twenty second comp orders John Scofield, and fighting Joe Hooker to March south of Kennesaw mountain as the advance guard. But the confederate top brass have finally figured out comes Mo here third time's the charm and Joe Johnson since his aggressive battle-scarred General John Hood with an entire division to block the union flanking move. About fifteen thousand blue coats clash with fourteen thousand grey-clad men near copes far John Scofield and Joe Hooker successfully repulse John Hood's attack with three hundred union and over one thousand confederate casualties. This small skirmishes important for really only one reason. It prevents the federals from following through on their plan flanking move..

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