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Tristan thompson at the end all the all the stuff he'll miss the free throw gr but let's get marcus's viewpoint and of course we talked marcus thompson from the athletic every friday we have the fancy open no no tolbert thompson talk dubs area columnists from athletic and knb warriors insider marcus thompson sports leader areas what's happening what's happening you know i'm i'm still trying to get over the craziest thing i've ever seen in my basketball existed where where would you like to start garrett smith okay started jr what was your what was your thought from your bill well the first thing i was thinking like this is the perfect diet of why you can't get your weed in oakland on the game day like you gotta go somewhere else it just really messes you up but secondly secondarily i don't even understand how you could mess that up like i don't get it i was so miss it was just unbelievable that he had no idea if you watch the replay when the first thing he says is what that's like why are you sure i don't understand what's going on it was space in recitals this new forgot he didn't know what the score was during the nba like man that's classic.

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